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Fashion Friday: The Parka Jacket.

One of my absolutely must have trends and wardrobe staples that I feel every guy and girl should own this autumn/winter is definitely the Parka Jacket. It is not often that I feature a trend that is both suitable for men and women but today’s trend is just that. The versatility of the parka jacket is so up my alley and I will show you just how versatile this jacket is. Every year come autumn and winter season, the parka jacket always makes it appearance – just more trendier than the year before.

I love how the parka can take you from autumn to winter and be appropriate for both seasons. In autumn you can wear your parka as is with a t-shirt underneath and in winter you can absolutely start layering up with a sweater, jersey or poloneck. Every year I always promise myself that I am going to buy myself a parka and then I contemplate whether I should or not and when I do decide to purchase it then all the good ones are sold out in store and online. A few weeks back I popped into Jet and saw that they had the last one in my size and the length that I want and I took it as a sign that I should buy it. I got a few comments asking about my parka that I wore in my staycation post two weeks back so I decided… why not do a fashion friday post on it and also show you darlings all the different styles that you can get in this trendy yet timeless garment. This is definitely not a outfit of the day post, it’s just a closer look at my jacket. 😀city-girl-vibe-x-lagoon-beachcity-girl-vibe-x-parka-for-plus-size-womenSo I decided that I wanted a longer length parka that would cover my behind in those instances when I come from the gym and just throw on a jacket. I love taking my jackets one or two sizes bigger so that I can wear clothes underneath it in winter. Enough about my parka!… Today I selected a few of my favourite parkas on the net to share them here on the blog. I have to admit – I am kinda absolutely  obsessed with the denim parka from Woolworths. It’s different and looks super snuggly which is something that I love in a jacket when purchasing it for the cold winter days in the Cape.  As you can tell, this trend is not badly priced if you have a budget that you have to stick to. You can definitely find one to suit your pocket and it will last you for more seasons to am so tempted to do a DIY with my parka where I purchase iron on appliques and embroidered patches which is all so trendy right now but I am holding off on doing that as I want my jacket to be timeless and not trendy. I will probably revisit my options when I feel my jacket needs a facelift. I will probably go for a look like the patch on Katie and Kate’s arm. For my celebrity style inspiration, I went with three looks in three different seasons to show you just easy it is to pull this trend off. city-girl-vibe-fashion-friday-celebrity-parka-jacket-fashion-inspirationAnd that is it for today’s post! Yay or Nay for the parka trend? Will you be rocking this trend this autumn/winter?!


4 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: The Parka Jacket.

  1. This definitely looks really cool and versatile. I’d honestly never heard of a parka jacket until yesterday. lol. #OldLadyProblems

  2. Definitely yay! 🙂 They look great and are so versatile. I bought a really cute one for Zee from Woolies, and it has all these bright, cool appliqués on it which I thought made it extra fun and was perfect for a little one. As an adult though, I agree with you on going classic rather than trendy.

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