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{Review} Sephora – It Palette: Delicate Nude + A winter inspired makeup look

As promised, I will be doing a few product reviews from Sephora every now and again to show you darlings what is worth your moola when traveling overseas and you find yourself in makeup heaven…aka Sephora. One of the products that I was most looking forward to playing with when I received my Sephora Bag was definitely the It Palette in Delicate Nude. city-girl-vibe-x-sephora-it-palette-delicate-nudeThis palette comes in two shades, the one I have and a palette called “Nude”. If I had to choose between the two palettes then I would definitely have chosen the one that I have for myself… good choice sister! The “Nude” palette has darker shades in and I feel that someone that is not as adventurous or pro in eyeshadow application, my palette is quite forgiving when creating looks. When I say forgiving, I actually mean easier to pretend that your makeup is perfectly blended and easier to correct mistakes. So City Girl Vibe makeup artist (oh yes girl, we have one of those around this parts of town 😛 ) and I created a makeup look using this palette and this is what he came have to say that I am in love with the look that he created. It is quite versatile and can easily be transformed from day to night. Now let’s get onto the quality of the palette. In this palette you’ll find 12 shades. There’s 5 shimmer shades, one shade with tinier molded shimmer specks, 6 matte shades, a two ended brush and an eye pencil. Right off the back I can tell you that I am besotted with the shimmer shades… the matte… not so much. When using the matte shades in the crease, you require a lot of product and when you apply it to the crease it blends out to almost nothing and there’s quite a bit of fallout. I have resorted to using the lighter shades to set my eyeshadow primer. Even though the matte shades aren’t my favourite out of the bunch, it is definitely not worthless. You can create everyday makeup looks with it, just not as eye catching (nudge, nudge) as you would have hoped shimmer shades in the palette are some of the best that I have ever used. Its soft, buttery, easy to blend and work with. I didn’t experience any fall out and my favourite part was the highlight on the inner corners of my eyes and below my brow bone. To intensify the shimmer shades, Zoor sprayed it with MAC Fix+ and it worked even better. Usually with any palettes, I am not a fan of the applicators but I quite enjoy using the brush that came with this palette. It’s soft and fluffy and blends your eyeshadow effortlessly. The other end of the brush is perfect for a sharp wing or using any gel like makeup product. I haven’t used the eye pencil much but it is quite soft and you don’t have to apply much pressure when lining your waterline or lash line. city-girl-vibe-x-sephora-it-palette-delicate-nude-look This palette retails for 189 AED (R661.97) at Sephora. I don’t feel that it is particularly badly priced if you do consider that you get 6 fantastic shimmer shades, an eye pencil and a dual ended brush with 6 okay-ish matte shades. Some may argue that it is a bit steep and I totally understand why. If I had the moola then I would definitely fork out the R662 just for the shimmer shades but right now it is questionable. city-girl-vibe-x-sephora-it-palette-delicate-nude-motdWhen the matte shades didn’t work out as well as we had hoped, Zoor lightly dipped into the Bodyography palette just to add some dimension to the look. Even though the matte shades weren’t up there with the best, it did make a great base for the shades that followed. If I had to add one more reason as to justify me forking out the R662 for the palette then it would definitely be for the longevity of the eyeshadow and how well it lasts during the day. I have worn this palette many times and my eyeliner was much more likely to smudge before the eyeshadow started fading.

That is a rundown on what I liked and disliked about the palette. Will this palette be making it’s way into your makeup cart should you find yourself in a Sephora?


5 thoughts on “{Review} Sephora – It Palette: Delicate Nude + A winter inspired makeup look

  1. You look beautiful!! I love the look you guys created. It is sultry and wearable. I am definitely going to look out for the palette. I have a Sephora blog post coming up soon too 🙂

  2. I love this look! And girl your brows are fleeky verby! 😍 hehe. Also really love this lip color on you. It compliments your skin tone so well.

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