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Ever since I started university my eyes probably went from a 9.9 to 7 in the space of a few years. I am constantly reading, on the pc and sewing garments and that in turn put a lot of strain on my eyes. I have glasses that I got from Specsavers and I am not gonna lie… it was expensive! Of course nobody wants to spend that hefty amount on glasses, especially if it is something that you are only going to wear/use when you’re on the pc and sewing and that is where saves the me share a secret with you that I have been keeping since February. GlassesShop is an online retailer that sells eyeglasses and prescription sunglasses. Now you might be a little bit hesitant to try out this service but I will break it down exactly how I did it.

I got an eye test where all my details were listed and then I chose my eyeglasses according to those specifications using this feature on the site. The best part is that there are 100s of frame styles to choose from and I felt so spoilt for choice. I know my face shape and after hours ended up choosing the Red Oversized Cateye Vintage Inspired eyeglasses. On the site I found a nifty little feature where you can upload a headshot of yourself and “fit on” eyeglasses and sunglasses and see which pair suits you your eyeglasses, you will receive a protective case and a cloth to clean your glasses when needed. I don’t want to go too much into detail about the quality of the eyeglasses as I have another post dedicated to that next week, just to prevent this post from getting too lengthy.

I ordered my glasses online at the end of February and it arrived early April which is quite impressive seeing that the package arrived from the US. It is also such a brand plus knowing that they ship to over 45 countries and South Africa being one of them as we are always at the receiving end of  “we don’t ship to your country” list. city-girl-vibe-x-glasses-shop-oversized-cateye-style-glassesIf you’re in the market for some new eyeglasses or prescription sunglasses, then visit . I also have a discount code for you darlings that will really get you a chunk of moola off. At the end my glasses cost less than R400 and I didn’t pay any customs! With my discount code (I don’t benefit from it) you pay half of the amount! Just punch in GSHOT50 . This code means your darlings can have 50% off on eyeglasses and sunglasses with free lenses(sale frames excluded).

This is NOT a sponsored post, it is in collaboration with but in no way shadows my opinions and views.


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  1. I am so getting these. I need the exact frame as yours. Soon I’ll be showing you mine anyways the ones I have expires in December and they were quite expensive considering the cat eye frame is in so they make them quite pricey

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