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Products that just did not work for me.

Lately there have been a lot of talk about bloggers that never posts negative reviews because they are afraid of getting kicked off from PR lists. In some cases that statement is true but for me… I couldn’t care less. The only reason why I never post negative reviews (which I also state in my disclaimer) is because it takes so much time shooting content, writing the post and then the huge image size takes a chunk of space on my blog’s storage. I much rather prefer telling my readers what products are worth looking into as opposed to what not to buy. I do however mention what I don’t like about a product even though I like/love the over all product. Today I thought that I would do things a little bit differently and mention a few products that just did not work for me and thought that doing things this way would also give my readers a heads up on what to expect from the overall product before forking out their money. Please note that we all have different skin types and needs so what might work for you, might not work for me. Some of these products have been sent to me via PR and others I have bought. city-girl-vibe-products-that-did-not-work-for-me-2Avon: Clearskin – Blemish Clearing Peel Off Mask

When I first saw this mask I immediately thought it would be one of those peel off type masks that you see on Youtube. The ones where you put on an even layer of product, wait for it to dry and then peel it off. Firstly this product is not even remotely close to what I just described. If you’re a regular reader then you would know that Avon is the most reviewed brand on this blog and I rave about 90% of their products so I am definitely not taking a punch at the brand. This product however did not agree with my skin one bit. The smell and texture of this product reminds me of the arts and craft white glue that I used to play with in primary school. I put it on my face and a few seconds in started feeling a burning and itching sensation. I held out for as long as I could which was quite long but after 5 minutes I just had to wash it off. I say “wash it off” because the mask didn’t dry as a peel off mask but rather rubbed off like one’s skin would if they were sun burnt. The disagreement with my skin which caused me to breakout might be due to the fact that my skin is just too sensitive for this product but I have passed it on to someone else to review it and I will update this post in the next week or so with some Clearskin – Blemish Clearing Oil Free Tinted Moisturiser. 

Okay now secondly we have another product from Avon that disappointed me. When I started using this product and noticed that this product was not working for me like I had hoped for it to work, it struck me that it might be the Clearskin Blemish Clearing line that didn’t agree with my skin as the Avon Care line works so amazingly on my skin. Getting into why this product didn’t work for me – when I applied a few dots of tinted moisturiser onto my face and started blending it in, the product kind of just sat on my face and made me look greasy which is odd seeing that this is an oil free product. I tried many different brushes and even a beauty sponge but it just sat on top of my skin and applied streaky. Maybe I have the wrong shade, I dunno but I looked “dirty” when I had it on. I may try using it as a primer and see how it goes before I completely throw in the Cosmetics Foundation in shade Toast

I have reviewed this foundation before in my Design Cosmetics haul and I also mentioned that it was my least favourite product from Design that I have ever tried. The reason why I am featuring this product again is because I didn’t want to give completely up on it seeing that I adore my Design liquid foundation so much. I tried to use this product again but it just won’t work for me. I have no idea why it oxidises on some areas more than others even when I am wearing a primer. I do believe that if you have normal/dry skin type then this foundation will work for you. Despite the cons of this foundation, it does give quite a good medium/full coverage considering the R30 price tag of it. city-girl-vibe-products-that-did-not-work-for-me-7Jet: Just Be Gorgeous Compact Powder

The “Just Be Gorgeous” line is exclusive to Jet stores and I have had such great luck with their makeup in the past and their foundation even made it onto my top 3 foundations of all time. I bought this powder to set my makeup and thought that it might be close to my new favourite powder from Design Cosmetics but unfortunately it’s not. When you first apply this product it just disappears into nothing and after a while makes your foundation and face look almost ghostly. The formula of this product is quite chalky and swirling your brush in it gives so so so much kick up/ fall out. This product did not work for setting my entire face but it did however work for setting my under eye area without washing me out. You get a nifty little sponge and mirror in the bottom of this compact and know a lot of beauties would love that as an on the go setting powder. I really tried liking this product but it just didn’t happen. city-girl-vibe-products-that-did-not-work-for-me-8EAD Tissue Oil Spray 

I really loved the concept of a spray on tissue oil. I have to admit that I don’t hate this product completely. This product is so great as a moisturiser but the reason I started using it was to not only moisturise my face but also to diminish pigmentation and marks. I used this product for about two weeks and then I broke out, I stopped and gave it a try again after a week and I broke out again. I still continued using it on my body and it is the bomb dot com as it soaks into your skin effortlessly. I don’t know if my face is in a bad space right now but I really did want this product to work on my face. I have read online that oils like this can cause breakouts but I will try it on my face again in a few weeks to see if it works. This line is carried at Edgars stores.img_9820Babyliss: Iconic Curl Secret

Before I start off this review I have to say that this product does work. It gives you beautiful curls and really does a fantastic job at what it promises to do. To me personally this product is expensive but if you really long for curls and is not good with curling your hair with a flat iron then this will definitely be your bestie. What I didn’t like about this product is how looooooooooooong it takes to do my hair! When I curl my hair with the flat iron it takes 15 minutes but when I use the Curl Secret it takes more than an hour. This product was good to me before I learnt to use my flat iron but if I had to go back in time and had the choice between this styling tool and a flat iron then I would without a doubt go with the flat iron. Also use this product with caution as your hair can get stuck in the barrel if there’s too much hair in there at a time.

So that is a wrap of all my products that didn’t work for me. Do you enjoy these types of posts? I decided to a few products in the post instead of focusing on one product alone. Like I said previously, this is not a brand bashing post but rather letting you – my readers know which products got a thumbs down from me.


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