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Fashion Friday: The Wide Leg

Happy Friday darlings! Long time no Fashion Friday?! If you are like me and have been patiently waiting for Friday then you must feel the weekend vibes kicking in already. I feel like I am settling into my blogging groove again so I have sufficient time to do proper sourcing for my Fashion Friday posts. That means I pick up on trends that have been gracing everything that is a blog, magazine and social media platforms. Just a quick side note before I get into discussing my new favourite trend that I am all over – next week I will be collaborating with a yummy brand to spoil my lovely readers so definitely keep an eye out for that.

So the trend that I am absolutely loving right now is the “Wide Leg” or as I like to call it the “Palazzo”. To me there really is no difference between the two, just some technical explanation that makes no sense. I have been seeing these pants really rolling into store back in December and I fell in love with the effortless chic look of it the minute I saw it and wasted no time snatching a pair up when Woolworths had their quality sale.  It it safe to say there is no denying that winter is standing firmly on our doorstep. We slowly but surely starting to pack away our summer wardrobe and the wide leg pants are the perfect transition piece that will cover your legs but still maintain comfortability with its flowy nature. city-girl-vibe-x-wide-leg-pants-fashion-friday-editAs you can tell there really is an option for every price range as well as occasion. Out of all the Fashion Friday posts that I have ever featured, the wide leg pants would have to be the most versatile. It is multi seasonal as I have seen so many different ways that people wear it from everyday street style to coachella vibes to even on the red carpet. The key to its versatility is most certainly  fabric choice and prints. Below I have chosen my fave celeb looks to show you exactly how they wore it. If I have to dig deep and really choose my number one look I would go for Blake Lively as I feel see looks effortlessly chic. city-girl-vibe-celeb-wide-leg-pants-fashion-inspirationcity-girl-vibe-celebrities-wearing-wide-leg-pantsSo what is your thoughts on the Wide Leg/Palazzo trend? Is it a hit or a miss?


2 thoughts on “Fashion Friday: The Wide Leg

  1. I love it and would definitely rock it. I love the Spree one and the Zando design. They’re really nice to balance the fuller figured girls like me.

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