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Capture your #DentyneSmile moments.

Last week the awesome darlings over at Dentyne sent me a few goodies to highlight their #DentyneSmile campaign and I thought that it would be the perfect opportunity to share the deets with you guys. When I say “share the deets”, I in fact mean how you can get in on the action and share your Dentyne Smile moments and maybe score a prize or two. So last year Dentyne challenged women all over South Africa to post their most confident smiles to social media in order to win some amazing prizes which included a one on one mentorship lunch with Minnie Dlamini.

As you know when it comes to social media, users (including myself) always tend to post only the ‘good’ and never the struggles that comes with everyday life. Dentyne will be launching a series of “Smile Power Vlogs” that will show you how to tackle everyday life challenges and show you how to overcome it with a confident smile and the right attitude. The “Smile Power Vlogs” aims to include women from all spheres of life be it in the beauty, fashion or medical industry to demonstrate just how your radiant smile can open doors for you and how Dentyne with Xylitol plays a part in creating a healthy and confident smile. city-girl-vibe-x-dentyne-smileOver the next few months Dentyne will be working with one of their 2016 winners, Siya to help launch a series of #DentyneSmile moments so I definitely suggest you follow their social media pages in order to stand in line to win some prizes.

Side note – Did you know that Dentyne had a Strawberry flavour? I always bought the Spearmint and White Peppermint until they sent me the Melon flavour in a press drop last year when it got released and then that one became my favourite. Now that I’ve tasted the Strawberry flavour I have to admit that it is one of my faves… or maybe I just have those moods because I love my minty ones in the morning. Just for some added extra nutritional facts: Dentyne gum is sugar free and has Xylitol in it which is a great substitute for sugar and fantastic for your teeth!

Follow the #DentyneSmile campaign on social media via Instagram and Facebook and follow them on Twitter 


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