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{Update} Where’d I go?!

So I’ve been MIA off from the blog for more than a month and I honestly don’t even have an excuse other than the honest truth. I was stuck in a rut and at some point between all of the SA blogging community drama and sliding into Desle’s DMs telling her how I felt… I really just wanted to quit. Quit blogging, quit social media and quit my whining. I quickly got a nudge in the right direction and here I am hitting publish to another post and showing/telling you what’s been happening and what to expect from me in the next few weeks.

Let’s back up just a little bit.

This blog post will most probably be all over the place but please do stick it out. I have been blogging for almost 6 years and of course each year comes with new challenges such as feeling demotivated, juggling  blogging with a job and studying, begging asking pr companies for your money for a campaign that you did three months ago to just feeling that your blog is taking forever to reach this “pinterest” like level. Yep, that is where I was at. I not in the least bit feel that my blog is not “good enough” because I am so Thankful to the individuals that reads my blog all the time or even just from time to time and to the brands that wants to collaborate with me. I always have 100+ readers (not views) on my blog every day and that is such a great feeling even though I am definitely not a readers/views counting person.  I haven’t responded to any brand/advertisers/reader mails over the past month and I really do apologise for that but when I am not ticking like I am supposed to – this blog won’t either. city-girl-vibe-x-camps-bay-sunset-cape-townSo where have I been?

Besides chasing Camps Bay sunsets…I started uni again at the end of Feb and I will soon be working there as well. I will be working while studying because 2018 sees me travelling again (god willingly) and I am so excited for that. I also joined the gym! Okay so this is rather a huge achievement because I never thought that I would ever join the gym but I can’t even begin to describe how much I am enjoying it – apart from all the sore limbs, the occasional wanting to vomit on the treadmill, being 1% close to giving up and wanting to throw in the towel when struggling. I don’t want to go too much into detail because it definitely is a work in progress.

I also attended round 1 of #MBFWCT17 and by now you all would have probably caught the jist of it on social media but nonetheless, I decided that I won’t be attending round 2 of Cape Town Fashion Week that was held two weeks later at a new location. This year I designed my own outfit again but I honestly could not get one proper picture of myself because my dress was up more than it was down and my mouth never tasted that much hair in FOREVER.  Sh*t happens, I have moved on from the disappointment that is #MBFWCT17 round 1 but I have to give props to the amazing designers that I did manage to catch at fashion Week. Sweetie, Kefseddy Designs and Black Trash Clothing is definitely some of the best that I have seen at FW thus far and it definitely is amazing seeing such talent come from Africa. Here’s a look and some of my faves. city-girl-vibe-x-mbfwct17-sweetie-day-21city-girl-vibe-x-mbfwct17-kefseddy-day-21city-girl-vibe-x-mbfwct17-black-trash-day-21What happens next on the blog?

Even though I took a mini blogging break, I have a few exciting packages on it’s way to me and ones that I already have. It will definitely be making an appearance on the blog. I am also working with an international brand that I will share on the blog as soon as the package arrives on my doorstep. I have noticed that my readers loves my beauty looks, DIYs and Fashion Fridays – so there will be quite a few of those coming in the future.  Also, we all know that black and white striped beauty heaven that us SA beauty lovers longs for… I was lucky enough to be spoiled with a few products from them. I started using a few of the products and so far so good. img_9616And that’s a wrap! I will be back tomorrow with some deets on an awesome comp. I really am glad that I didn’t give up on my little space on the internet as I really do enjoy writing. I am so Thankful to people like Desle that I met through blogging because giving up would have been so much easier and all the hard work that I poured into this blog would have gone to waste.

Thanks for reading darlings! xxx




7 thoughts on “{Update} Where’d I go?!

  1. Good to hear that you are out of your blogging ru, Tasneem. I’m glad I’m out of the loop with the “blogging scene” because the drama is something that would demotivate me.

    Welcome back! Looking forward to the fashion fridays.

  2. So happy you back and glad I was a part of being positive energy for you. Your blog space is beautiful and has so much to offer. Keep it shining. You will reach all your goals in time. Lots of love. Xxxx

  3. Hello Speidi 😉 reading this post has just inspired me not only to blog more but to get to a gym too. I need to! Don’t let the “haters” out there ever stop you from blogging. We all love your blog. It’s not the quantity of page views, it’s the quality of the content. I wish peeps understood that! Your travel plans for next year sound so exciting. Is there space in your suitcase for me? Jokes.

    That’s all from me. Love LC 😉

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  5. I’m glad you’re here, in this six years I’ve blogged, stopped, blogged and stopped and blogged all because of how inspiring you are. We love you and we love city girl vibe 😘

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