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{Nail Dresses} The easy way to nail art designs.

Happy 1st of March darlings! Today on the blog I decided to bring a little bit of nail art magic – THE EASY WAY. This is perfect for those ladies that loves beautiful nail designs but just can’t seem to master the art of the whole nail designing process. If you love getting creative with your manicures then you should definitely check this post out by my blogger bestie Desle, if not then continue reading!city-girl-vibe-x-nail-dressesWay back in the beginning stages of starting this blog (6 years ago in October), I featured this brand of nail wraps but back then I didn’t have a good camera to capture my images and I didn’t exactly know how to compile a proper review so I thought that I would give it another ago. And yes – I’ve had these vinyl nail wraps since then. Apart of wanting to share my favourite discoveries, I also just needed something to cover my regrowing process of henna nails. If you’ve ever had henna on your nails then  you would know the little struggle I am currently experiencing.

Darlings, let me introduce you to the brand Nail Dresses. They offer top quality nail wraps that lasts you 4-5 days but doesn’t restrict your everyday work grind such as typing, working with water or daily chores. There is a tutorial on how to apply nail dresses on their website but I have my own method. Obviously it’s a matter of “whatever works best for you”. Before you start, definitely make sure that your nails are clean by wiping it with nail polish remover and a cotton swab.  city-girl-vive-x-nail-dresses-step-1Step 1

I’m not sure if the layout of all the wraps has changed but from what I’ve seen they are not all the same. With the pack that I have I could get two uses out of one nail wrap by cutting it in half. I uses a regular manicure scissor. city-girl-vibe-x-nail-dresses-step-2Step 2

I peal the half of the nail wrap off and keep it a few cms away from the candle, to the point where it gives a slight wilting effect and then apply it to my nail. Don’t take it too close to the flame or else it’ll melt. I do it this method in order to make it a little more 3

Place the wrap onto your nail. The best part of these vinyl wraps are – if you don’t like how you’ve positioned them then simply pull it off and readjust it. It doesn’t affect the quality of it whatsoever. Then trim it with the manicure scissors according to your nail shape. You can either use the manicure scissor, some nail clippers or a nail file as suggested in the tutorial vid on the Nail Dresses 4

Take a rounded flat object and smooth out any creases or bubbles. File the nail wrap in a downward motion to secure the bottom tip of the nail wrap. Lastly seal it with a layer or two of clear nail varnish and voila! you’re done!city-girl-vibe-x-nail-dresses-final-lookAs I mentioned, these nail wraps lasts me roughly 5 days. I’m not sure if it can last longer because I only leave it on for 5 days. I haven’t tried many nail wrap brands before but this brand is my favourite out of the ones that I have tried. I’m not sure where you can purchase it but I used to buy mine at a store in Kloof Street. You can however mail the darlings over at Nail Dresses via their website.


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