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Sample Stash: Bodyography Lipslide – It Girl

I’ve mentioned it on the blog so many times – that I am not a lipgloss person.
At all.
When the same gloss appears on the blog more than once then you know it’s a goodie. It’s an even  bigger goodie when that gloss is a nude gloss because you know I love me a bold lip. I did a mini review on this lipslide sometime last year when I did a Bodyography makeup look but I thought that it deserved a post on its own and what better way than in a sample stash post. I started this series on my blog last week and it is basically where I will be sharing reviews of sample size products that I receive from PR’s or in goodie bags. It’ll give you an idea whether the product is worth buying or this lipslide comes in quite a few shades so there’s plenty to choose from. Those that aren’t a fan of colour on their lips can settle for a more subtle shade like the one that I will be reviewing today or if you’re into statement lips then there’s something for you as well. Seeing that it is a mini, it is a perfect makeup bag staple that you can carry around to give quick touch up on the go. city-girl-vibe-x-bodyography-lipslide-swatch-in-it-girlLet’s talk formula for a second. This gloss slides onto the lips like a butter. It’s not too runny and not too thick either. It’s the perfect combination of stickiness to coat the lips without your lips sticking to each other and becoming blotchy. It is so hydrating and moisturises my lips for longer than any lipstick that I have ever used. When I apply it onto the lips, one dip is enough to coat both top and bottom lip but I like being a bit extra so I go for two coats. This lip slide actually works quite great with other lipsticks as the formula of it doesn’t change one bit. city-girl-vibe-x-bodyography-lipslide-in-it-girlSmelling it, it smells exactly like rum and raisin ice-cream and who doesn’t love walking around with lips that smells like ice cream? The shade “It Girl” has more of a pinkish-peachy undertone as a nude gloss and I think it is the perfect shade as a wedding lipgloss. It looks pretty on its own or worn with another lipstick. I’ve worn it many times before and is right now my favourite gloss in my collection. The small doe foot applicator makes applying it in your inner corners and along your lip line a breeze.

I’ve used Bodyography makeup before and I have to say that I am thoroughly impressed. Have you used this brand before? What are your thoughts? Next on my wishlist is definitely the lipsticks!

Ps excuse image quality. I’m having trouble with my camera again.



One thought on “Sample Stash: Bodyography Lipslide – It Girl

  1. Still as informative that’s why I love your blog, I’m a lip gloss girl but love color too so this is a winner to me. Lipstick tends to dry up my lips that’s why I don’t like it.

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