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Fashion Friday: The Pom Pom trend

Happy Friday my lovers! If you’re anything like me then you would have felt that the weekend needed to be here Tuesday already. This week drained me emotionally, mentally and physically but it seems all I needed to do was sit down by myself and have a good o’l talk with myself to put things into perspective. My mood  always changes when I read, do and think about things that I am passionate about and fashion, writing and designing happens to be just that.

While doing my usual blog reading, I noticed that one of the trends that pops up the most would have to be the pom pom trend. I’ve noticed them in shoes, handbags, summer fedoras and even on the red carpet. There are definitely many different versions of this trend so you can always adapt it to your personal style. When I was searching the net for some inspiration, I found some cute DIY projects where people took simple plain tshirts and skirts and added their own pom poms which changed the entire look of the garment and breathed new life into the browsed my usual online stores and noticed that this trend is quite affordable – even on my more higher end options. This style goes hand in hand with the off the shoulder/cold shoulder trend that I did an edit on a few months back. The pom pom trend screams summer and brings a boho chic vibe to your ensemble but it is definitely not limited to warmer weather as I’ve seen so many cute wooly winter outfits showcasing a fluffy it or not – it was a mission finding celebrities rock this trend. I hand a handful of options to choose from. My favourite this week would have to be Blake Lively’s take on this trend on the red carpet. She shows us that this style can be stretched from read to wear fashion, into a classy yet playful evening look. I’m keeping it short and sweet this week. What are your thoughts on this trend? Is it a thumbs up or down?


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