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{Eyako Green} My cosmetic bag made from a billboard

From time to time I like switching things up on the blog a little and write about something that I wouldn’t normally write about and today happens to be one of those days. I usually focus on Fashion and Beauty only, with a lifestyle post here and there. I’ve been using a nifty little cosmetics bag for the past few months and I can’t understand why I haven’t shared it on the blog earlier. Sometime last year the company that my mom works for gifted their female employees with their annual Women’s Day gift and last year it happened to be from a brand called Eyako Green. The bag had an unusual print on it so of course I was intrigued, I unzipped it and found their web address on the inside of my bag and hopped online to see what the brand was all about.cityt-girl-vibe-x-eko-cosmetic-bagsEyako Green is a locally established South African brand that produces corporate gifts for companies with products that are made from PVC billboards and banners, polypropylene grain bags, paper and plastic waste. By manufacturing products made with the recycled materials, Eyako Green not only cleans up the environment but also enables companies to reduce their carbon footprint. I was surprised to read that the brand also produces items like blankets, book covers, shirts and shoes – to name a few. I really think that this is such a thoughtful gift and I am so happy that I got to learn about this brand just by browsing their website .city-girl-vive-c-eyako-green-eko-cosmetic-bagNow speaking about the quality of the bag, for someone like me that designs and sews I can spot quality a mile away and this sturdy bag is nothing short of that. My cosmetic bag is made from a PVC billboard. This bag accompanies me everywhere as I have one for my makeup and one for toiletries (I may or may not have claimed my sister’s one as well as she works for the same company as my mom). The best part is that I can take my little bag with me in the bathroom and it can get wet without it looking and smelling funny. It travels well and even proves to be quite a great protector when it falls and your contents are inside. When my bag get’s a little dirty inside, all I do is take a wet wipe and wipe it down and I am good to go. Not only does it save me from using water but I can also use it right away when needed.city-girl-vibe-x-eyako-greenI really am such a fan of this brand as I feel they are doing some amazing work. If you’re a company that are looking to support local then definitely check this local brand out. My cosmetic bag is only one of the many things that this brand manufactures. I may not be the biggest advocate of green living but it sure is nice knowing where something that you enjoy using comes from. There are many aspects of my life where I can improve on reducing my carbon footprint and with brands like these it is definitely easier.

Ps . This is NOT a sponsored post. I am merely sharing my appreciation for a brand that I feel deserves some recognition.


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