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{Review} Mini Design Cosmetics Haul

Okay Okay Okay – I must admit that this brand is making an appearance on the blog quite often but I just cant help myself! Whenever I walk into Edgars I see that they have something new that I haven’t tried yet so I end up picking up a few more things. It is easier to do so because I haven’t seen one product from this brand that retails for over R50 so I know I won’t be losing a massive chunk of money if a product doesn’t work for me. So while at Canal Walk  Edgars in December – January I spotted a few things that I didn’t have and it was on sale so I decided WHY NOT!city-girl-vibe-x-design-cosmetics-haulLiquid Foundation: Soft Beige

Over the past few weeks this foundation became my everyday medium coverage foundation and I have to say that I love love love it. It blends so easily and I cant believe the amazing coverage that it gives me considering that I only paid R34.95 for it. I am a huge fan of the spatula type head of this foundation as I can put it directly onto my face and not have to put it on the back of my hand. With this foundation you have to use a good setting powder or else you became shiny as h*ll during the day and you have to use the blotching technique that I mentioned over here. I suggest getting a good setting spray and your foundation really will last all day. I prefer using my Kabuki brush because I feel that my beauty sponge soaks up too much product. If you have super oily skin then this foundation is definitely not for you. city-girl-vibe-x-design-cosmetics-foundationBeauty Sponge

Now speaking about sponges, I picked this sponge up for R21 and it does such a great job at blending out creamy products. I won’t go into too much detail as I mentioned it on the blog last week but let me just add that it is a goodie! It cleans quite easily and it didn’t cost me an arm and a leg. I did however prefer using my brush over this sponge when applying foundation. For contour, baking, blending and creamy products – this sponge is your Liner

I totally forgot the shade name of this lip liner but it is a repurchase for me. I remember popping only one of these into my basket some time last and I could totally kick myself for not adding more shades as it was only R15. If you’re somebody that prefers switching up your shades in the colder months then this one is right up your alley come autumn/winter. This lip liner does a great job at lining out your lips or even wearing it on it’s own as a lipstick. I love wearing it under a lippie that is not as pigmented and tends to fade so that the lippie lasts longer. Also – how nifty is the sharpener on the head?!city-girl-vibe-x-design-cosmetics-lip-pencil  Foundation: Toast

This would have to be my least favourite product out of the bunch. I chose the shade “toast”, being super duh and thinking it would be similar to my Revlon foundation but obviously I was wrong as this shade is too dark for me. The shade not being the issue that I had with it, for some reason this foundation just didn’t cooperate with my skin and it is kind of weird because it has the exact same ingredients as the liquid foundation and I am a huge fan of that one. I guess it has different quantities or something as this consistency was different. This foundation is more thicker in consistency and I find that the beauty sponge works better at blending it out as the kabuki brush just moves the product around and it tends to grab onto dry patches on your face. I saw a trick on YT where a beauty guru contoured with a darker foundation and I think that I will give that method a try. If you don’t have an oily/combo skin like me the this foundation will work better for you. It currently retails for Wipes

I grabbed this pack  of makeup remover wipes as it was the last one on the shelf and kinda thought “if it’s sold out then it must be good”. I then saw one of the girls at the makeup counters use it and I saw how amazing it works so I knew I had to have it. One wipe is sufficient to remove a full face of makeup and not leave a trace of makeup behind. Now the next few words may make you want to pull your nose up but I am so serious about water saving that these wipes are my life saver when deciding to remove my makeup with it as apposed to my whole makeup removing process. It retails for R25 and has 48 wipes in it. It has a faint but refreshing scent to them and won’t irritate your skin if you have sensitive skin like Powder: Caramel

My holy grail Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One pressed powder is hitting pan so I thought it was time for me to try a new powder. This powder works wonders with the liquid foundation and gives your skin the perfect sun kissed look while keeping your foundation in place. There’s a bit of kickback when picking product up on the brush so tapping off excess product is a must. I love how this powder sets my foundation without leaving it looking too matte. This product is high on my repurchase list and retails for I’ve had a few busy weekends in the past two months but I will create a full face of makeup using my entire Design Cosmetics makeup collection soon. I receive comments and emails asking me where you can purchase this brand all the time. I am in Cape Town and have seen this brand (which is exclusive to Edgars) at all of the Edgars stores where I shop. I am not sure about other stores across the country. If you do come across this brand, I highly suggest trying a product or two from the range. Have you tried Design Cosmetics before? Read my previous reviews over here:

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12 thoughts on “{Review} Mini Design Cosmetics Haul

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  2. Hi, the only foundation product that works for me is the design liquid foundation however the sales people at the Edgars where i live say that it only is available in January. Is there any way that i can get this product now?

    Thank you

  3. Hi i really love this product especially the liquid foundation is so perfect for my skin and the orange mascara is perfectly good it makes my eyelashes very long and other thing is that the products are so reasonable.

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