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{Beauty} Beginners guide to makeup brushes

I don’t think there’s a human on this earth that can be more obsessed with makeup brushes than I am. I am constantly buying new ones because I tend to watch more YouTube videos than I should and then my makeup brush list starts growing. This could be due to the fact that I didn’t exactly know what it is that I needed for the makeup look that I go for on a day to day basis. I love makeup but that doesn’t mean that I should purchase every makeup brush under the sun and therefore lead me to buy tools that I don’t really need – and if you a makeup brush hoarder like me then you would know that they cost quite a penny. Listing all of the brushes that I use on a day to day basis, my most expensive ones didn’t even make the cut. Without further banter, if you’re a beauty lover that just want the essentials in makeup brushes, let me give you the deets on what you need without breaking the

Foundation Brush 

Now your preference to foundation comes into play here. I don’t like the traditional flat foundation brush as I feel that it doesn’t give me a natural finish and it looks as if my foundation has been painted on. My best brush without a doubt comes from my Glamore Cosmetics set that I did a full review on a few months back. I use at least one of my Glamore brushes everyday and it is the best investment that I could have made. I love this brush as it doesn’t soak up a lot of product and to date didn’t shed one hair. This brush is perfect for liquid, cream, powder and stick Brush

I have to admit that I don’t use this brush often. As I have a few foundations on rotation – I would opt for this brush when I use a mousse foundation. This brush is not as dense and the bristles fan out quite widely in order to give you an airbrush finish. If you’re new to the foundation game then you should definitely start off with a mousse foundation and a brush like this as you have a lot more control of the product and application. I’m not quite sure of the selling price but this brush or similar can be found at Clicks under the Clicks brand or you can purchase it from Beautique which is exclusive to Beauty Sponge

A beauty sponge in any makeup lover’s collection is a MUST. This is probably one of my most versatile tools as I use it for blending in concealer, baking under my under eye are, blending in any form of cream product and even applying my foundation. I try to use my beauty sponge with foundation as little as possible because beauty sponges (no matter what brand) soaks up quite a bit of foundation and we all know that foundation can be quite pricey. This particular beauty sponge is from Design Cosmetics. I do suggest that you start off with a more affordable beauty sponge as apposed to jumping into the expensive ones such as a Beauty Blender just so that you can decide whether you’re team beauty sponge or not. Beauty Blender is however the mother of all beauty blenders and are worth every penny. This sponge retails for R30 at brush

This brush is from my Glamore Cosmetics set as well. I use this to contour or sculpt any other areas that needs some TLC. It is perfect for both powder and cream products. This brush runs at an angle which gives you the perfect contour as it shapes to your cheek without giving you harsh lines or concentrate product on one area too brush

Everybody is into brows so a good brow defining brush is a must. When I bough my Signature Brow Palette – I mentioned that I wasn’t too happy with the brush that came with the palette as it was too flimsy so I purchased this brush from Avon. Ever since purchasing this brush I can’t even begin to mention how much I enjoy doing my brows now. On the one side you’ll find the brush that you use to apply the product and on the other end you’ll find the spoolie brush. The best part is that this brush retails for R50! city-girl-vibe-avon-eyebrow-brushEyeshadow brushes

Eyeshadow brushes would have to be the most difficult brushes to shop for – for me personally. I am not quite where I want to be regarding eye makeup looks but I am definitely leaps from where I used to be. A huge chunk of that is owed to the tools I am currently using. Three of my must have brushes are also from my Glamore Cosmetics set, one brush I use is to apply the product to the lid, the other brush I use to blend it out even more in order to avoid harsh lines and the more rounded edge brush I use to apply eye shadow into the inner corner of my eyes. The last brush on the right I use to pack eyeshadow onto the lid and yay for magazine freebies as I received it in Rooi Rose a few years  Powder Brush

This is definitely a brush that I want to replace but for now it would have to do. I bought this brush from Pick n Pay about three years ago and it’s been good to me. The only reason why I want to replace it is because I want a more fluffier powder brush. If you’re a beginner then this brush can easily last you quite a few years and would do the job just as well as a more expensive powder brush. I use this brush to apply powder to set my foundation, to brush away “baking”  and to apply blush. It currently retails for R59.99 at Pick n that my darlings is a round up of all my must have makeup brushes. Of course there are a few more brushes that I want to add to my collection and number one being a fan brush to up my highlighter game. I hope you find this brush guide helpful!s


2 thoughts on “{Beauty} Beginners guide to makeup brushes

  1. Once you get into brushes it becomes a bit of an obsession. lol. Have you tried the Cala sponge from Dischem? It’s quite good as well for about 70-80 bucks.

    • For some reason I am not a beauty sponge fan, I find it so hard to use because it drinks up my foundation. The only reason why I buy it is for my concealer and I hardly ever use concealer. I actually want to try a new sponge because this one smells very plastic/artificial , if that even makes sense.

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