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Tricks that YouTube has taught me.

I have always been a huge fan of YouTube but in 2016 I swear my makeup knowledge increased and flourished (onto my face) so much more. Whenever I got a new product to try out and my interpretation of applying the product didn’t quite work out – I would run to YouTube. My list of YT subscriptions grew but I like keeping them under 15 because of course I fast learnt who the OG’s were and whose method resonated with me the most.

Now obviously because I can easily spend 2-3 hours on YT soaking up knowledge like a beauty blender (nudge, nudge, see what I did there?) , I learnt a trick or two that upped my makeup tremendously. My biggest challenge was trying to keep my makeup on in this Cape Town heat so most of the tips and tricks are how to keep that makeup game going strong all day.

  1. Dust a thin layer of translucent powder over your primer.city-girl-vibe-x-youtube-primer-hackFor the life of me I can’t remember who’s channel I got this trick from but I am super happy that I stumbled across your channel my darling. Usually one would dust translucent powder after foundation but the Youtuber mentioned how setting your primer with a little bit of translucent powder especially on your oily areas would make you makeup last longer and it totally does. My current favourite combo is moisturise ->Hean Primer -> Translucent powder -> Hean Foundation. I then dust a very small bit of setting powder on my face after I’ve applied my foundation and I am good to go the entire day.
  2.    Slightly heat your eyelash curler.city-girl-vibe-x-youtube-eyelash-curler-hackI have to admit though that this trick might have freaked me out just a lil bit. I kept envisioning my lashes burning to a crisp but I managed! Laura Lee shared this tip on her channel a little while back so I first googled it a few times to see exactly how it is done. The first rule to this technique is to not let it get too warm because it can definitely damage your eyes and lashes. What this trick does it add a little bit of heat to your eyelash curler in order to give your lashes a better and longer lasting curl. I suggest keeping it no longer than 5secs as a metal curler can get hot really easily. This technique is great for those individuals whose eyelashes grows out instead of up. I have also seen people heat their eyelash curler with a hair dryer.
  3. Spray your makeup brush with setting spray for eyeshadows with fallout or lacking intensity. city-girl-vibe-x-youtube-setting-spray-hackThis trick I picked up from Jaclyn Hill. She always uses her fix+ on shimmery eyeshadows and I decided to do the same. This technique is super handy for those that aren’t very advanced in eyeshadow application – like me. All you need is a transition shade in your crease, a base shade on your lid and a flat brush that you have sprayed with your setting spray and some shimmer eyeshadow to pat on your lid. This is one of my most used tricks and is definitely worth the try.
  4. Instead of using a powder on your oily t-zone, use a tissue.city-girl-vibe-x-youtube-tissue-hackThis trick I picked up from Tati. I do this everyday when I wear foundation that is not matte. I take one tissue and separate it (if it’s twin ply)  and then pat it onto my oily areas. You can see all of the oil that it absorbs on the tissue. You should do it in patting motions and not wiping because you don’t want to remove your makeup or smudge it. I have seen blotching paper being sold but I guess this is exactly the same. If you have an oily t-zone ruining your makeup look mid day then give this a try.

And that is a wrap up of some of the tricks that I picked up from YT. Any tricks that you have learned and want to share with me?


3 thoughts on “Tricks that YouTube has taught me.

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  2. I ALWAYS dust a little bit of translucent powder over my primer. I have an extremely oily t-zone and this has changed my life forever. Lol. I also ALWAYS use setting spray to intensify eyeshadows that lack a little bit of “oomph”. These are such great tips. Thanks hun. Im going to try heating my lash curling tool so wish me luck! 🙈

    • The lash curler trick so works! Just be careful to not burn those beloved lashes. I saw they had a tool at Sephora that heats up while curling your lashes. There were some mixed reviews but I think with some improvement it might be an awesome product. What is your fave setting spray at the moment?

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