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Empties #4

I started with my Empties posts back in 2014 and I’m only at my fourth empties post since then, that indicates how many unfinished products I had/have and that I was determined to get through. I get sent a lot of products and I buy quite a lot too and if you’re a fellow beauty blogger you would know how tempting it is to start using new products when you receive them and then your current used products goes on the back burner. This was the recurring problem with me therefore I decided to finish each and every product in my stash. I currently have no used products and are using only new skincare, makeup and bath and body products that I have purchased and been sent by PR’s over the last two-three months.   city-girl-vibe-empties– GHD

I’m going to start with my saddest one to date, this isn’t an empty product of course but I will no longer be using it so I guess it fits in there with the empties, right? I’ve had my GHD since high school and roughly 9 years old. It’s gone through so many falls, bad hair days and traveling that I am super sad that it straightened it’s last strand of hair last week. As you can tell this is the very first GHD and it has it’s battle scars. With my shorter hair, I am missing my trusty GHD Care Light Moisture Foaming Gel Cleanser 

I did a full review on this product last month and I have been using it everyday since I purchased it. It is such a great affordable product and I would definitely recommend it if you’re in the market for an affordable gel cleanser. It is so refreshing and soothing and does a great job at cleansing without breaking the bank. Read my full review to see what my thoughts and opinions are on this gel cleanser. city-girl-vibe-foaming-cleanser-Natural Beauty Foaming Cleanser

After finishing my Avon cleanser I still had a tad bit of this foaming cleansing gel left in the tube and I decided to finish this product to make space for my new skincare regime that I will be blogging about next week. This is another product that I have done a full review on previously but I doubt that I will repurchase it due to the consistency of the product. This is not a bad cleanser, in fact its a really good one but I suggest you read my entire post over here to see why I don’t like it.

-Revlon Lacquer Balm in Vivacious

I’ve had this lippie for ages and it still one of my fave products to date. Revlon sent this to me way back when and I reviewed both the lacquer and matte balms. You can read that post over here . This was my most loved shade in the collection and it is definitely worth the hype. city-girl-vibe-dream-matte-mousse-in-medium-beige-Maybelline Dream Matte Mousse

Seeing that I’m in this full on foundation tizz lately, I finally finished this foundation and I am undecided whether I would repurchase this one again. I think I have finally mastered the art of a flawless application with liquid foundation so any other form of foundation is taking a back seat. I feel that now that I am so used to the ease of blending a liquid foundation, I am so over the long process of blending thicker foundations like this. If you’re a beginner and just starting out with foundations then I think this one is perfect for you. You can read my short review on this foundation over here.

And that’s it for my current empties post. I will probably be back with a new one sometime next year. Any recommendations on products that I should try next?


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