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{Review} Avon Makeup Setting Spray

Now that my foundation game has improved by a mile, it’s only fair that my entire makeup routine and products that I use starts measuring up. Before I decided that I needed a setting spray I only set my face with a powder but it didn’t allow my makeup to stay put especially on those warm days. If makeup melts off on your face in warmer weather then you want to continue reading.
Every month I take the opportunity to grow my makeup collection with products that I don’t have when the Avon brochure gets released that is why you darlings are kinda seeing many Avon reviews on the blog. As I mentioned a few weeks ago, Avon really stepped up their makeup game with awesome prices to match. So I ordered the Makeup Setting Spray two months ago and have been using it everyday when wearing a full face of makeup. I quite like the packaging of the bottle. Many reviews claims that it looks cheap but in true Avon black and white, to me its nothing fancy but practical and sophisticated. I love me some good packaging but I love me a great quality product even more. Also being able to see how much product is left in the bottle is a huge plus. city-girl-vibe-x-avon-makeup-setting-spray
When using the setting spray it really does set your makeup into place and reduces oxidising by 80%. I have been recommended this setting spray by so many people and now I can see why. When you spray it onto your face I suggest keeping it at arms length or as the bottle suggests 20-25 cms away because anything closer feels “too much” on the face. By too much I mean your face feels tight. The tightness doesn’t last very long but it’s definitely not a feeling that I want to feel after I’ve done my entire a user of both the Avon setting spray and the MAC fix+ , I really don’t feel like you could compare the two as TO ME fix+ blends all of your makeup together whereas this setting spray sets your makeup. I’d rather have the longevity factor. This setting spray doesn’t really have a smell but if you put on too much you’ll get a slight hint of what smells like a toner but definitely not traceable and is gone in seconds. I was quite surprised to see how well this setting spray worked on my sensitive skin as it didn’t irritate my skin at all. What I don’t like about this setting spray is how much product comes out when you spray it onto your face. I would’ve preferred it to be a misting effect than a spritz effect because my face feels wet and I have to fan it dry. When the product dry on it dries down matte. I also do suggest that you cover your hair or else you’ll get it wet. As for the amount of product being dispensed, definitely do the arms length instead of the 20-25cms.
The setting spray is a permanent product in the Avon line but the price of it changes with every booklet. I’ve seen it retail for R149.00 in previous brochures but I paid R79.00 for mine. It is currently the same price as I paid in the November brochure.

6 thoughts on “{Review} Avon Makeup Setting Spray

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  2. This is really such a great products and best part is that it’s soo affordable! Definitely a thumbs up from me 😊👍

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