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{Review] Signature Complete Glamour Brows palette

Can we all just agree that 2016 was and is the year of the brows. These days we see them in all shapes and sizes and there are so many different products out on the market to help you achieve that “browse on fleek” status that one kinda gets overwhelmed. Before even thinking about popping a brow helping product into your shopping basket I would suggest you ask yourself what it is that you’re looking to achieve from the product for example just to tame the brows, buy a brow gel… you catch my the other day I popped into the Signature store in my area and decided it was time that I added a brow kit to my collection. If you’re not familiar with the Signature brand then definitely consider this as a gem being uncovered… just in time for christmas or even bonus time so you can spoil yourself. Now I am quite familiar with the Signature brand but for some reason they just never seem to make it onto the blog. Way back when I used one of their Emotionally Activating lip glosses and it was one of the very few glosses that I ever liked (you guys know I feel about glosses) and my MUA friend swears by their foundations so you know that you’re in for a goodie. If you want to read one of my reviews from back in the day where I didn’t have good pictures or writing skills then definitely check it out over quick little run down about my brows; they are quite thick and full and requires minimal filling but it can do with a little help to fill those sparse areas and tame them down. While at Signature I saw that they had an entire range of eyebrow products and kits and when I saw the price I immediately popped one into my basket. I bought the Complete Glamour Brows palette which retailed for R89 and has three shades and a wax. Now in the nifty palette you get a shade for blonde, brown and black brows, a wax to set the brows after you’ve filled them, a pair of mini tweezers and a small off this palette is perfect for us girls on a budget, as is all the products in the Signature range. I use the brown shade to fill my brows and it works like a bomb. Sometimes I use the black and blonde together to match the shade of my brows. I use the least amount of product so this product will probably last me a very long time. When I’m feeling a bit extra, I use the black shade in the palette as an eyeshadow to create a sultry smokey eye. The tweezers in the palette is something that I use all the time to clean up my brows and is perfect for travelling. Even though this is a powder base product, I don’t experience any fallout or my brows rubbing off. I have to use a makeup remover wipe at night when I remove it.

My brows lasts all day and I don’t do any touch ups. As somebody that has an oily t-zone that even messes up my brows, that is a huge plus in my books. The only thing that I don’t like in the palette is the brush. The brush is too soft so you can’t create that carved out structured look by lining out the bottom of the brow and then the top. I suggest you get yourself a more sturdy and dense angled brush that can provide you with precision when drawing in those brows. The brush is however good to feather out the inside lines. When using the wax in the palette, lose all  brushes and apply it the your finger. First work the product through between your thumb and index finger or else you’ll have a white cast over your brows.

If I could correct two things in this palette it would be to have the brush’s bristles a tad bit stiffer (for lack of better words) and shorter and also tint the wax so that you can use a brush instead of having to work the product through to a translucent appearance. Other then that, this palette is worth every scent and I would definitely recommend it and repurchase it.

Anybody keen on more reviews on this brand?


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