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{Review} Foundations On Rotation

Over the past few years I have been trying foundation after foundation in hopes of finding my perfect one. Back then I didn’t know about Youtube and how important beauty tools were in makeup application. After a while I kinda just gave up until I discovered BB Cream. A few weeks back I discussed my endless foundation dalema if you’re keen on reading it. Recently I stumbled upon a nifty site that provides you with awesome reviews on so many different products but I was particularly drawn to their Foundation Category which you can browse and read through. I read through quite a few of the posts under the foundation category and then felt more comfortable in choosing my own and also how to apply it. Definitely take a looksee at on the  site for advice on, In my foundation post I mentioned a few foundations that kinda worked for me but where there was room for improvement. I started off with BB Cream, moved on to a mousse foundation, played around with a stick foundation and decided to be a bit adventurous with foam foundation. After putting it out into the (cyber) universe that I really really really needed a new foundation, all of a sudden I discovered 3 in the same month. Three that I have been using religiously and LOVE.   city-girl-vibe-x-hean-cosmetics-ideal-mat-foundation-swatchHean Ideal Mat Foundation

First up I have the Hean Ideal Mat foundation in the shade 422 sand. Now I am not going to go too much into detail on this foundation because I did a full review on it last week so you should definitely read it over here and I thought it would be great to include some facts into this post because last week’s post was getting a bit too lengthy. Firstly if you’re someone that loves mixing foundation in order to match your skin tone then this one is going to be a fave of yours. This foundation is full coverage and I find that if I use this with a more light coverage foundation, I get the most airbrushed look ever and I don’t have to go in with a heavy hand. It feels very light on the skin and for a matte foundation, doesn’t leave you looking dry or settle into your fine lines. If you have a weaker foundation, one small squeeze of this foundation will give you the most full coverage look without making it look cakey. Even though you get a full coverage, it still looks very natural. You can shop this foundation on Glamore’s website over Colorstay – Combination/Oily Skin

Now this is a foundation that I have been dying to try since forever because I haven’t met one individual that didn’t like it. I headed off to Canal Walk twice and on both occasions there was nobody at the Revlon counter to match my foundation so on the third attempt I just decided to go with the shade “toast” and it was spot on! I chose the combination/oily skin foundation as you get the normal/dry as well. This a medium to full coverage foundation. It blends like a dream and can be applied with a brush or a sponge. I have found that I need use a setting powder on my t-zone when I use this foundation or else I become a bit oily. This is definitely one of the best foundations at the drugstore and it does last all day. The pump feature is a goodie and makes the product so easy to work with. The formulation of this foundation is on the runny side so be careful when using it.

Blending this foundation into the skin is so so so effortlessly as I feel that it works into the skin so easily and doesn’t sit on the skin. I use two pumps to give me a full coverage yet natural finish. I don’t have to use concealer when I use this foundation but I am keen to use the concealer in the Colorstay range as the beauty community seem to be raving about it. Even though this foundation is aimed at combination/oily skin, I would highly recommend you use a setting powder if you have extremely oily skin because this foundation makes me oily especially on my cheek area but it does come off as a really good highlighter. This could be a good or a bad thing. It’s all about personal preference. You can shop Revlon Colorstay foundation at Clicks, Edgars, Red Square, Woolworths, Foschini, Dischem… for R279. The best part is that there are so many shades to choose from and you’d definitely find the perfect one for you skin type. city-girl-vibe-jet-just-be-gorgeous-foundation-in-bronzeJet: Just Be Gorgeous Foundation

This is the first foundation I found in my foundation quest and I can’t even begin to tell you how much I love it. The “Just Be Gorgeous” brand is so underrated and I think this might be due to the fact that not many people know that Jet has their own makeup line. I am in love with their lipsticks and powders as well. I currently have 3 of these foundations in reserve for when this one finishes. This foundation is a light to medium foundation and gives you quite a dewy finish. In winter this foundation was my ultimate favourite. I have the darkest shade in the line so there is unfortunately not a shade for the darker skinned girls out there. The formulation of this product is a bit thicker than liquid and if I had to compare it to a product that I have used before I would have to say it’s a tid bit more runnier than Garnier’s BB cream.

When using this product a primer, setting powder and setting spray pray is a must or else it just oxidises and you’re left with little to no coverage. If you have an oily skin then this foundation won’t work for you at all but those darlings with dry and combo skin would enjoy it. In the process of applying a moisturiser before your primer, I would suggest you wait till you moisturiser dries down completely or else this foundation applies streaky and moves around. Of course with the price of this product you can’t expect coverage by the likes of Hean or MAC but it is definitely a great introductory to foundation if you’re a beginner. If this product doesn’t work for you personally, your budget will hardly feel it as it Retails for R24.99. Yes darlings! NO TYPO there. You can purchase it for R24.99 at Jet stores.

Now my review is purely based on how the above products worked for me and on my skin. We all have different skin types so results may vary. Any recommendations on foundations that I should try next? 


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