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{Review} Hean Ideal Mat foundation & Mattique Hybrid Lipgloss.

It seems that Hean is becoming such a regular on my blog and feed, and that is with good reason. I stand by my word that it is my best discovery for the year 2016. A little while back the lovely Gael and Emma over at Glamore Cosmetics sent me a new foundation, primer and lip gloss after reading my foundation dilemma post over here.

I have been trying these products since August/September so I can tell you exactly how it works in both the colder and warmer months. Let’s start off with the foundation – Hands down in the top three foundations that I have tried in my life. You might be wondering where the other two foundations came into play after reading my Foundation Hoo post  but ever since then I have discovered my top three foundations in a matter of 30 days. I have been using the three foundations on rotation and I can’t even begin to describe how happy I am to have finally found a foundation that works, but that’s a post for another reason why I have been alternating with my foundations is because each one of them gives me a different finish. I especially use my Hean Ideal Mat foundation on days where I’m feeling a little extra. This foundation is full coverage and you require only the least amount of product. To achieve the best results I would recommend that you use the Hean Perfect Makeup Base (primer) that will result in a smooth and long lasting makeup application. I did a mini review on the primer a little while back and you can give it a read over here. Just to give you a quick little run down thereof, it is a gel like consistency, feels really amazing on the skin, makes whichever makeup you apply after it apply like a dream and to be quite honest (I hate making brand comparisons) but is right up there with Benefit’s porefessional give two small squeezes of product on the back of my hand and then dot the foundation onto my face and blend it out using my flat top kabuki brush that I purchased from Glamore. With Glamore’s foundation matching service ( oh yes girl! they’re nifty like that), Emma matched me up to the shade 422 sand. Now at first glance you might think that it is too dark for my skintone and in winter it definitely was so I had to mix it in with a lighter foundation. Somehow Emma knew my skin and two months later this foundation shade suits me perfectly because I tend to tan a bit… A-L-O-T in summer, which is a good thing that this foundation has an spf of 15 in it. I have to say though that a setting powder and spray is key when using this foundation or it’ll oxidise around the oily parts of your face if you have combo skin like me.  city-girl-vibe-x-hean-cosmetics-ideal-mat-foundation-swatchEven though this is a matte foundation, it’s extremely hydrating and sits comfortably on the skin without clogging your pores. I have the most sensitive skin ever and I break out by just looking at certain foundations… ok fine maybe I’m exaggerating a little but this foundation doesn’t irritate my skin one bit. It gives such a natural finish and retails for R245.

Oh Oh Oh you guys! If you’re a follower on my Instagram, Twitter or even here on the blog then you’d know I’m queen lipstick snob. I hate hate hate lipglosses so when I decide to wear one then you know it’s gotta be something special. So I got try the shade Flamenco which is so up my alley because I am not really a fan of subtle nude shades which is so ironic as the first Hean lipstick that I bought was a nude shade. I can’t even describe how this lippie gives me the I could put this lipgloss into a sentence that would appeal to the masses, it’s much like a matte lipstick and a moisturising lipgloss had a baby and then a liquid lipstick popped out. I’m not kidding when I say that you would fall in love if you tried it. I’m gonna go right out and say it that this lip gloss kicks the 71 lipsticks and 3 glosses that I have in my collection out if it’s number one to  74 spot because it has all of the properties that I look for in a lip product.

I know I am making many bold statements here but let me tell you exactly why I love this gloss. Firstly the only reason why I HATED glosses to begin with is because I don’t like how it feels in my lips and how my hair would just cling to my lips like a magnet. Secondly, with this gloss you have the pleasure of a matte lipstick but you definitely have to kiss a tissue because it takes quite a while and doesn’t dry down matte. It feels so comfortable on the lips and you’re not itching to lick your lips as you normally would when wearing a matte lippie . Thirdly, I only apply this lipstick once a day and don’t once reapply during the day. I know it sounds hard to believe but as a 24/7 – all day – everyday – 7 days a week lipstick wearer, I have mastered the art of eating and drinking without messing up my I could give you advice it would be to try and get as much product off from the doe foot applicator as possible and then work the product onto your lips as going a little bit over the lip line and trying to correct it will cause major havoc to your foundation around your mouth. To get the look in the above pictures, all I do is pull out the applicator and get as much product off the wand as possible and then get the full coverage shown. This is an extremely pigmented gloss so work with caution.

My love for this product is purely based on personal preference as my sister finds it to be too messy for her liking. Me personally, I would purchase every single shade on the Glamore website if it weren’t  for the 2 traffic fines stuck up on my fridge.  The shade Flamenco is a spot on dupe for Jeffree Star’s Velour Liquid Lipstick in Anna Nicole but only 3 times cheaper. With that being said, Glamore is running a promo where you can purchase two of these lippies and get a third one free. They currently retail for R185 each.

Ps: This is not a sponsored post. The products were sent to me for review purposes  only and it in no way influenced my opinion on these products. 


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