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[New] Oreo Golden #LetWonderOut

Hey you guys! While I am prepping for exams, I am indulging in a little bit of sweetness to get me through those long nights of studying. One of those guilty pleasures happen to be Oreo’s new release. I can honestly say that I haven’t met one individual that haven’t liked…LOVED an Oreo, whether it’s the original Oreo cookie or the chocolatey goodness. A little while back I introduced to you the Chocolate Oreo and today I will be introducing you to the brand new cookie that will have you hooked in seconds!city-girl-vibe-x-oreo-goldenDarlings, let me introduce to you the brand spanking new Oreo in the vanilla flavour . Two lightly coloured vanilla cream biscuits hugging ono a creamy vanilla centre that hits all the right spots whether you need a tea break or a quick snack. The cookie itself is really yummy and up there with the rest of Oreo cookies fam that we’ve come to love and celebrate the new release of the Oreo Golden, cookie enthusiasts can head on over to the The Zone at Rosebank from 2 – 4 December 2016 to snap a one of a kind Oreo Golden Selfie at the Wonder-Selfie activation. What is a Oreo Golden Selfie you ask? Well you pop into the ‘Wonder Selfie Machine” where you will receive a digital print out of your face, embossed into the cream side of an image of an Oreo cookie. If that’s not enough to tickle your fantasy then I dunno what is! Also you’d be able to sample the new Golden (vanilla) flavour is definitely a fun day out for the family and what better way to celebrate with some vanilla goodness. I have spotted the new Oreo cookies at my local Pick n Pay so you can definitely head out to get them. You can find them in the 44gm snack packs which is perfect for kiddies lunch boxes or even to pop into your own bag and once you discover that you’re addicted to them you can purchase the 176gm box.

P.s You’ll Thank me later.

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5 thoughts on “[New] Oreo Golden #LetWonderOut

  1. My little Zee saw a pic of these, and asked how come the Oreos are a different colour. When I told her its because they’re the new vanilla flavour, she said mom you know I’m a vanilla fan, we need to get some of those! 😄

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