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{Review} Avon: Light Moisture Foaming Gel Cleanser with Cucumber & Green Tea

I haven’t done an Avon review in ages because I was out of touch with my usual Avon rep but now she’s back and I’m running my fingers through the brochures every chance I get. Now Avon products used to feature on the blog all the time back when I started City Girl Vibe five years ago because it was the greatest way to introduce beauty onto the blog. As a student, it is super easy on the pocket and you receive great quality products. Of course not all the Avon products I purchased from the brochure were my favourite but majority of them really exceeded my expectations. They really did up their beauty game over the past few years so definitely keep an eye on the blog because there’ll be quite a bit of Avon reviews coming your way as I place an order every month.

I don’t blog about skincare quite often because if something works for my face/skin I usually stick with it. I finally finished my face wash that I reviewed on the blog a month or two ago and I was looking to purchase a new one as I decided to not repurchase that one again. The Naturals Beauty Foaming Cleanser was definitely my saving grace when I needed it to be but I just couldn’t get used to the formula of the product and how messy it was. I paged through last month’s brochure and came across their light moisture foaming gel cleanser. I was honestly hoping that this formulation would be a notch up from my previous one as it is a gel cleanser as foaming gel cleanser has cucumber and green tea in it and those are always great benefits for the skin. I am such a huge fan of cucumber in facial products as it is great for putting moisture back into the skin. Seeing that we’re heading into summer, I thought that this product would be perfect to keep my skin hydrated. I use this cleanser twice a day, in the morning to “depuff” my face and in the evening after I’ve removed my makeup. For some reason in the morning I look like a puffer fish especially the area around my eye area and this product has this great way of deflating it and making my skin feel fresh. In the evening after I’ve removed my makeup, I use this cleanser to prep my face for my moisturiser and this product is quite nifty because it removes any traces of leftover makeup on the LOOOOOOOVE the scent of this cleanser. It smells like cucumber and it’s super refreshing on the skin. I’ve mentioned before that I have super sensitive skin and this product is so gentle on the skin that I can even get away with using it twice a day. If you’re looking for a cleanser that foams up a lot then this product is definitely not for you. It gives me enough foam to work the product into my face with a small tablespoon amount of product into the palm of my hand. One of my favourite aspects of this product is how it makes my face feel so supple after I use it but still removes excess oil from my the past few months I have been battling with enlarged pores … or at a certain point I started referring to them as craters, I couldn’t wear highlighter for a good weeks and what is a makeup look without highlighter?! Even though this product is not for minimising pores it sure as heck did a fine job at it. To wrap this post up, the cleanser retailed for about R65 when I bought it and is currently on sale in the October brochure for R35. I already ordered two more bottles because that is just how good this product is.


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