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{Review} Bath And Body Works: Country Apple – Body Cream & Shower Gel

I have been posting very little lately because I am just so “on and off” with campus and I have no idea where I stand with the academic year so I am under stress. Stress caused by protests at campus and even my easy sewing diys took a backseat. When I am under stress I want to unwind, how do I unwind? I indulge in a bath or shower! Today’s review is such an enabler of relaxing time for me. I did a little first impressions on this Bath & Body Works duo last week and I also mentioned that we can finally buy Bath & Body Works in South Africa, over here. I hope you darlings took advantage of the coupon code in my previous post because you’re gonna wish you did after you read this review!img_6917As I mentioned in my first impressions post, the Country Apple duo officially knocked all my other Bath & Body Works firm faves out of its number one spot. The scent of these products are super long lasting and there’s some days where I just don’t feel like using a body spray because this smell so good on its own. To get the maximum benefits and results from these products, I suggest using it together. This duo is jam packed with shea and Vitamin E which I love. The body cream is such a great moisturising product for your legs after you’ve shaved. Yes… I used it as an after shaving moisturiser.  city-girl-vibe-bath-and-body-works-in-sa-country-appleI may not be a fan of all B&BW fragrances but what I do know is that their formulations are the bomb dot com. It’s not too runny and not too thick. The head/top pops close perfectly so there’s no product leaking out and it’s true to its testament because I dropped it a few times and nothing came gushing out. All I do is squeeze a teaspoon measurement of product onto my loofah, run it under  the shower and then start working it into my skin. It lathers up so so so well and one squeeze is enough to cover the entire body. I do however do this twice because I loooove smelling like apples. This shower gel with shea and vitamin E retails for R239 on the Hey Pretty store which is pretty much cheaper than what I paid for B&BW products in the UAE.

Next up we have the body cream which is a handbag staple for me. I carry this in my handbag all the time as my legs and arms haven’t fully recovered from the harsh Cape Town winter. This body cream is packed with shea butter and soaks into the skin so amazingly! It truly stays true to it’s 24hour moisture claim as I don’t reapply it after the second use during the wise, this body cream feels like a body butter to me. It soaks into the skin and coats your dry skin. A little product goes a long way so you should definitely use it sparingly and build up as you go along because too much of this product can make your hands and body feel a tad bit sticky. From time to time I tend to use it as a hand lotion and it works great as a multi-use product when used in moderation… if you know what I mean. As I mentioned, a little goes a long way so if you do intend on using it as a hand cream, squeeze a pea size onto your hands and you’ll be well moisturised. This product retails for R239 as well.img_6919I am usually drawn to products by its packaging if I haven’t used it before and this shower gel and body cream did just that. It looks super cute on my dresser  and is quite travel friendly. This is probably way off topic and has nothing to do with the review but I hate how labels washes off when you use it in the shower or bath and this shower gel looks exactly the way it did when I first received it. I’ll post an image on Instagram later today to show you how water resistant these labels are.

To shop the Bath & Body Works range, you can visit or click the picture on the right hand side and it’ll take you there!


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