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Staycation: Leisure Bay Luxury Suites Hotel

From time to time I like doing hotel reviews on the blog and introduce more lifestyle orientated posts. This past weekend I decided it was time for a little breakaway from the everyday mundane campus life and gathered my favourite people and took a drive out to Milnerton’s lagoon beach area. Now it might seem like an unlikely place to have a staycation but I promise it is the perfect little getaway that feels like you’re miles away from the city when in actual fact you’re just a stone throw all know Cape Town is the holiday destination of choice when travelling locally but the rand doesn’t quite make it ideal for you to spend a couple of days in an hotel, that is where Leisure Bay Luxury Suites saves the day. Leisure Bay Luxury Suites is a mix between an hotel and a luxury suite. It pretty much reminds me of the type of hotels you’d find in Dubai.  We booked to stay in a cute little luxury beachfront apartment for four people that had self catering services or you could make use of the services at The Beach Bistro. We checked in round about 5pm and got greeted by the friendly staff and was then shown to our rooms where we had the most beautiful rooms with a view waiting for us.

I love my crisp white sheets and our bedding had just that. I love how everything was meticulously placed, organised and how modern our room was. After checking in and placing my goodies in the built in cupboards, I took a little tour in the apartment and then went outside to find the most picturesque view of the ocean, with a pool right outside our bedroom door and Table Mountain standing tall on my left hand side.

One of favourite aspects of this stay was definitely the location. It felt like it was miles away from the city but Cape Town CBD is only 15 minutes away. If you arrive with your own car you have a secure parking bay which is close to your room. We took a drive to Town where we bought dinner at Eastern Food Bazaar and then enjoyed dinner on the terrace. I had the option of cooking as the kitchens are fully equipped with the essentials such as stove tops, crockery and cutlery to make a yummy meal but obviously I didn’t opt to do that because I was on holiday after  all… or maybe I just used that as an excuse to justify my laziness? I’m not sure if The Beach Bistro was halaal friendly  but I am pretty sure if it was, having dinner there would have been amazing as the aromas coming from the kitchen were nothing short of spectacular.

Before 12 when we got into bed, we got a visitor in our room and he made himself comfy, walking around in the apartment and wanted to hide underneath our bed… A CAT!!! My inner cat lady was living it’s best life and obviously I wanted to steal him (kidding!..or not) but I knew he had a owner as he was the fluffiest little fur ball with a bell around his neck. The beds are SO SO SO COMFORTABLE it really felt like I was sleeping on marshmallows. It’s one of the things I missed most the next day when I was back in my own bed. One negative though, the separate bedroom with the two twin beds are situated close to the reception area and the hallway leading outside so it tended to get a bit noisy from time time. If you’re someone that sleeps before 12, it’ll be a be a bit of a challenge for you but if you’re like me and are half nocturnal, it shouldn’t be a problem as the noise settled down after 12.

Nothing – I mean N-O-T-H-I-N-G beats the sound of waking up to waves crashing. I woke at 6am to watch the sun rise and then took a quick shower in the separate bathroom which had one (I skipped the bath in the en-suite) and then went for a walk on the beach. I wish I could spend every morning doing that as it really is a great way to start the day and then headed to the Milnerton Flea Market which is 5 minutes away. Sadly my camera fell on the rocks at the beach (luckily not badly damaged and I managed to fix it) so I had to improvise and did some product shots with my phone on the beach.

To wrap up this post, would I stay at Leisure Bay Luxury Beachfront Apartments again? Absolutely! Is it worth staying there? Absolutely! Would I recommend it to other people? Without a doubt! If a broke student can afford it, you definitely know it’s easy on the pocket!

P.s this is NOT a sponsored post.

If you want to book a stay with them, visit their website over here.




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