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Bath and Body Works in South Africa + {First Impressions} Country Apple Range

Yes! Yes! I am the bearer of good news today. WE CAN FINALLY FIND BATH & BODY WORKS PRODUCTS IN SOUTH AFRICA.  With all the caps and bold lettering, you can probably tell that I am super excited to write this post. One of the most frequently asked questions, tweets, messages, emails and comments that I receive on my blog is “Have you found a retailer that stocks Bath & Body Works in South Africa yet?”. Now I can finally answer Y-E-S! To top it off it is accessible to’ve done a few reviews  on Bath & Body Works products before and of course not all of them are rave reviews due to personal preferences regarding scents but that definitely doesn’t reflect badly on the quality of B&BW products. I’ve been using this brand since way back in the day when I used a Blackberry to shoot my product shots on the blog so excuse some of the picture quality but definitely give my reviews a read so that you can start a wishlist at the end of this blogpost.

Today I thought I would do a first impressions post and then some time later do a full review with product shots showing how this duo of products works. So I’ve been using the shea vitamin E shower gel and the 24 hour moisture ultra shea body cream duo from the Country Apple range since last week and I have to say that I am smitten! It knocked firm favourite Japanese Cherry Blossom range to the second position and Warm Vanilla Sugar to position number giving too much away, it smells like heaven in a bottle and the scent it super long lasting. I have been practicing some restraint as I want this to be my spring/summer body pampering duo. In true Bath & Body Works fashion, it hydrates your skin perfectly and is such a perfect transition to help brighten and nourish the skin from cold winter months to warmer weather. I am pretty sure it’ll last me for the next three months before I purchase another duo that I have been eyeing.

Where to get Bath & Body Works in South Africa

Now let’s get to the part why most of you are actually here for. I stumbled upon a local online store that stocks B&BW products and that has quite a wide selection of goodies. Obviously I jumped out of my skin because it is an online store so all of us have access to it. As you know I was in Dubai last year and B&BW was one of the first stores that I popped into but sadly the prices were a bit out of my league so I ended up buying only a few things. I browsed Hey Pretty online store and noticed that the prices are even more affordable than what I paid in the B&BW store. To add to the good news, Hey Pretty also stocks all of those beloved brands that us South Africans wish were stocked in SA such as Colour Pop, Milani, BH Cosmetics, Elf, Morphe and EOS.

By now you probably have a wishlist  brewing at the back of your brain and just to give you that extra little nudge … all the products are authentic so you can be 100% positive that you’re not putting fake products on your body. Now because the darlings over at Hey Pretty thought it was a good idea to encourage you even more… I have a discount code that will make you save some $$$$ on Bath & Body Works Products. When checking out use the code CITYGIRLVIBE and you will receive 15% off your B&BW purchases only. (Please note that is limited to one per customer but not limited to total B&BW items, the code is not valid for other brands and the code is valid till the 30th September). Perfect timing for your Christmas wishlist I’d say!

Disclaimer: This is not a sponsored post, it is in collaboration with the Hey Pretty online store. City Girl Vibe will not receive any commision on sales on B&BW products. The above mentioned products were sent to me and in no way influences my opinion with the tested products. All reviews and opinions are entirely my own.

Post Update: 26 August 2018

As of August 2018, the above mentioned online has closed down and no longer sells Bath & Body Works products. The only other online store (that I am aware of) that sells Bath & Body Works products is


9 thoughts on “Bath and Body Works in South Africa + {First Impressions} Country Apple Range

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  2. Hi can you advise me as to who stocks your product in Cape Town South Africa.

    Kind regards

  3. Hello, My brother sells B&B works signature spray fragrance products in Johannesburg but not many people know the products. He has limited edition products such as Waikiki beach coconut, Honolulu Sun, Malibu Heat etc.that are not available in B&B store in the U.S and Canada. How do we attract customer? The products are 100% authentic.
    Thank you,

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