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Fashion Friday: Boho Inspired headband + 3 Step {DIY}

Happy FriYAY! Summer is on it’s way and what better way to celebrate Spring/Summer with a brand spanking new DIY. Today’s Fashion Friday post is not particularly about any new trend that is on my radar but rather something that I believe that every girl should have – to don on those not so good hair days. Now usually with my Fashion Friday posts I would focus on a trend that is all over blogs, magazines, streetstyle… you catch my drift. Lately I haven’t been seeing any stand out trends beside the usual choker (I did a DIY two weeks ago, view here) and everybody wanting to look like the Kardashian Klan with thigh high boots and bodycon EVERYTHING. Maybe I’ll dig a bit deeper with my next Fashion Friday post.

Nonetheless, I decided to do another DIY as everybody always seem to love them and I went with something that absolutely anyone can do. I have been incorporating more sewing goodies on the blog as that is what a lot of people have been asking to see in my feedback posts a little while back. I can sew and have access to sewing equipment but I like focusing on DIY’s that can be done with a simple needle and thread. Today I am going with a easy peasy boho style headband that can be done in 3 steps!city-girl-vibe-headband-diy-lookIt’ll take you 3 minutes if you do it with a machine and plus/minus 10 minutes if you do it by hand. All you need is a needle (or sewing machine) and thread. Two pieces of fabric and a pair of how loose you want it, measure two pieces of fabric and cut it out. You can use any fabric but I would suggest something with some stretch so that it can go over your head with ease and not hurt your ears when 1:  Fold each piece of fabric so the right sides are facing each other and sew 1cm away from the edge. Then turn it to the right side and fold it in half (see picture below).city-girl-vibe-headband-diy-step-2Step 2: Lock the two pieces of fabric into each other (as illustrated in the above sketch on the picture).city-girl-vibe-headband-diy-step-3Step 3: Sew the two edges together, 1cm away from the edge. You can trim it if you like. Voila! That’s it!

This DIY is super easy and sounds complicated and confusing when I type but all you really can do is follow my 3 step picture to guide you. You can change it up however you like but I drew inspiration from Lauren Jauregui in Fifth Harmony’s All in my head (flex) video.

This DIY is so perfect for those days where you hair won’t cooperate with you or you’re going through a “I HATE MY HAIR” phase like I am now. I am a huge fan of headbands but I always feel like the ones I buy in store/online tends to hurt my ears and I end up taking it off halfway through the if you don’t feel like getting the creative juices flowing, you can always just pop into Woolworths and buy yourself one. I’ve rounded up all my favourite ones which is all from Woolies and under R60.

What’s your thoughts on my DIY? Yay or Nay?


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