{Event} Amazi Store Launch N1 City

I’ve been wanting to post about the new Amazi store launch for weeks now but my memory card would just not cooperate with me and threatened to format itself every time I inserted it into my laptop.  It’s been doing this for the past few weeks and I found a replacement. I decided to bite the bullet and just let it do it’s business and I lost everything besides a few pictures from the Amazi  store launch which is evident that the technology Gods at least wants me to let you in on the new store launch. See all the stress I have when it comes to life’s everyday frivolous encounters? I think it’s time I headed back to Amazi for some R & in March the darling people over at Amazi invited team CGV to the store launch in Maynard Mall and I have to say that we not only fell in love with the space, the lovely atmosphere, the friendly service but also the story behind the brand. If you want to learn more about that, definitely read my post about it over here. To see such a great brand grow the way it is, really encourages me to support such initiatives because I am all for the empowerment of back to the store launch, this time the new store is situated in N1 City Mall which is perfect for those that lives or works in the Northern Suburbs. Even though it is situated in a trendy and bustling mall, it definitely  didn’t distract from that “time out” feeling that one craves when having a treatment done. The treatments offered at Amazi ranges from eyebrow threading to manicures and pedicures all at the fraction of the around the store I loved seeing many Amazi branded beauty products and we were thrilled to find one in our goodie bag that we received when we left the store. I promise it is by far one of the best hand creams I’ve ever used and the prices are quite new stores popping up and Amazi hoping to employ 200 women by 2017, definitely check this brand out. It is worth every minute of blissful pampering and the prices are gentle on the pocket. If you would like to read a bit more of an in depth post on Aamazi and some of the things that they offer, check out my post.  Thank You Amazi for inviting us to your second store opening.


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