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{Review} Glamore Cosmetics: Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

I am such a huge makeup brush fan and I always feel the need to grow my collection. A few weeks back I attended the Factory Shop Expo which I have for the past 4 years in hopes of finding awesome beauty goodies. Sadly this year was the biggest disappointment of them all. I’ve been looking at pictures online the Saturday morning because I decided to go on the Sunday and there was nothing that caught my eye beside the Glamore Cosmetics stand. Justifying my NEED for new makeup brushes, all I could think of was the money I generate from the blog, going back into the blog therefore a new makeup brush set was needed to create makeup looks when reviewing makeup products. A win-win though I do have an extensive makeup brush collection, I don’t have a full set. I always end up buying loose brushes here and there which is way more expensive. At the expo I bought the kabuki brush set at the Glamore Cosmetics stand and I have to say that it’s been a game changer in my makeup routine. There are 10 brushes in the set retailing for R400 and doing the math costing R40 each. Makeup brushes at R40 each? bargain! These brushes are so so so so soft to the point where I haven’t used any of my other makeup brushes in the past month unless I really had. city-girl-vibe-x-hean-cosmetics-2Getting to the review part of this post, these brushes picks up product amazingly and I find the product transfer to be out of this world. These synthetic bristles makes blending a breeze and keeps product usage to a minimum. They are quite sturdy and you can feel that it’s not flimsy and the heads won’t be popping off anytime soon. Another goodie that I love about these brushes are the white “heads” at the end of the bristles so you can see just how much product you have on your brushes.

The kabuki brushes are the ones I wanted the most. I have one for contour, one for setting my concealer in those hard to reach places like around my nose and under my eyes, one for blush, one for my foundation and one for setting my makeup with whichever powder I’m using on the day. That is just how versatile these brushes are. I prefer having brushes for each makeup application as it prevents different product build up and also mixing of colours in be honest, I’m quite new to the eyeshadow application game  and therefore never invested in proper eyeshadow brushes. I’ve been watching YT tutorials religiously ever since getting my brushes and one of the biggest learning curves… LESS IS MORE. As I mentioned above these brushes picks up product so easily so be careful when using dark eyeshadows. AGAIN, if you’re new or not advanced with applying eyeshadow, dab it lightly or you will look like you’ve been punched as it’s hard (FOR ME) to control product on these brushes.

I’m not quite sure what all of the eyeshadow brushes are meant to do (oops – I’m a newbie) but I use one to blend a transition shade , one to pack on product, one to put lighter shades in the inner corner of my eye and highlight below my brow bone and one to smoke out my lower lashline.   city-girl-vibe-x-hean-cosmetics-x-glamorecity-gir-vibe-x-glamore-x-hean-cosmeticsI’ve had these brushes for a little over a month and I have washed them before. I haven’t experienced any shedding with these brushes. As these brushes bristles are quite short, when washing them I tend to be quite wary of getting water in the ferrule as it is always a huge NO NO when washing your brushes.

Final thoughts – I cannot fault my Glamore Cosmetics brushes and no this is not a sponsored post as I paid for these brushes with my own money. It’s simply a rave review and might quite possibly be at the top of my beauty buys for 2016. As I’ve been browsing the Glamore Cosmetics website , I noticed that they have the white + silver and the pink + silver limited edition 10 piece kabuki brush set on sale at the moment.  Glamore also sells the cult favourite oval brushes for R620. I’ve had emails and messages of people asking how they can purchase these brushes which is a clear indication that they are selling like hot cakes. If you want to get your hands on a set or two, you can visit the Glamore site.


7 thoughts on “{Review} Glamore Cosmetics: Kabuki Makeup Brush Set

  1. The brushes look fabulous! Been eyeing similar sets for a while now myself. I may just take the plunge soon seeing as they’re obviously a good buy.

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