{Giveaway} Cadbury #Wondermunchful

Hi darlings! Today I have a bit of a challenge for you here on the blog and on ALL your social media pages. If you’re a regular on the blog you would know that there’s only one chocolate brand that I stand by A-L-W-A-Y-S and sometimes words fail to describe how I feel about my beloved Cadbury. We all need a pick me up whether it’s from the mid-week slump, deadlines at work or even just the everyday little tiffs that life throws our way. What better way to be cheered up than by one of life’s little pleasures in the form of a chocolate bar… or a few.  City Girl Vibe x Cadbury Wondermunchful campaignThere are so many different Cadbury chocolate bars to choose from such as Lunch Bar Original, Lunch Bar Dream, Cadbury 5Star, Tempo, P.S. Original, P.S. Caramilk and Crunchie. With such a huge variety of choccies, South African’s are bound to find one that tickles their taste buds and get them a bit tongue twisted.

On August the 1st Cadbury launched their WonderMunchFul campaign where they encouraged consumers to bite into their all-time favourite Cadbury chocolate bar and come up with their own unique and creative word that best describes their favourite chocolate. Of course Cadbury spoils you far beyond the different layers of yummy chocolate and they are rewarding you by giving you the chance to win R1.2 million in instant airtime and data every day until the 30th of September. City Girl Vibe x Cadbury Wondermunchful campaign giveawayHow you ask? All you have to do is purchase two Cadbury chocolate bars (which is totes a staple in my shopping basket) and submit your name and the last 4 digits of each barcode to 33355. Once you have entered you will receive an automated response notifying you whether you have won an instant daily prize. If you have won an instant prize (or not) you can have another shot by submitting your very own unique ‘WonderMunchFul” word where you stand a chance to win daily spot prizes like a tablet or cellphone.Cadbury WondermunchfulNow let’s get to the even sweeter part of it all – Cadbury has teamed up with City Girl Vibe to spoil you darlings with a lovely prize worth R500!

For more information visit Cadbury on Facebook at CadburyPS, LunchBarSA or Cadbury5StarSA. You can also tweet on @CadburyChocBar using #WonderMunchFul.

How to win:Cadbury-All you have to do is come up with ONE word to best describe your favourite Cadbury Chocolate bar.

– You can enter on every social media platform that you can find me and don’t forget to tag your friends to increase our chances of winning.

The giveaway closes in two weeks (5 September). Goodluck darlings!



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