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{Review}Natural Beauty Foaming Cleanser

Since the start of winter my skincare routine has been going pretty steady with no breakouts, dry skin or pigmentation problems. Usually when my facial beauty routine is like this I’m really chuffed with myself and don’t try changing it because you know – If it’s not broken… I have no idea if it was the introduction to the new addition in my skincare routine (the product that I will be reviewing today) or if my face was just loving me.

So I started using a new facial foaming cleanser that my mom had bought for me and I was rather excited to use it as I read the ingredient list and all the amazing goodies that can be found in the foaming cleanser. This foaming cleanser has Lavender, Rosehip and pro-Vitamin Bs in it that promised to refresh, clarify and rejuvenate my skin. Of course I was now even more than ready to use this product. Before I had started using it I thought that it might be a close comparison to my holy grail Clarins Daily Energizer Cleansing Gel but it was definitely not. On the contrary, it is quite the open the lid, taking a deep whiff, it really reminded me of Balm Balm’s products. It must be because it’s all natural too and I have come to love the more unique and earthy fragrances as opposed to overly scented face washes and cleansers. I wet my face then squeezed a tad bit in my hand a washed my face. The only thing is I didn’t have to squeeze anything as the product’s consistency is so runny that it literally just gushes out of the tube. Looking pass this messy situation, I continue to work the product in my skin in hopes of it lathering up as the direction for use suggests but sadly it didn’t. This might be because it is free from sulphates and it definitely didn’t bother me too much but I just couldn’t get over how runny it was. I continued using it for a few days but got a bit annoyed after product came running down my sleeves in the morning when doing my facial routine. I chucked it in my beauty drawer for about a month or forward a few weeks later and my skin starts acting out and flaring up. Crazy redness and dry patchiness that not even a colour corrector, concealer and foundation can hide.  I jump back on the Natural Beauty Foaming Cleanser bandwagon and a few days later it’s back to it’s clear skin ways. This product is so gentle on my skin and leaves it feeling super soft and hydrated with the perfect canvas for makeup to follow. As I’ve mentioned on the blog many times before, I have extremely sensitive skin and even having dairy in my diet makes my skin act out but this foaming cleanser is super gentle on my’ve been searching on the net for reviews on this product to see if the runny consistency of this cleanser is normal but sadly I haven’t found any. I really do like this product but and I hate giving up on products so soon but this foaming cleanser is a nightmare to use in terms of how messy it is and traveling with it. In the time that I haven’t used it on my face, I washed my makeup brushes with it and it was so amazing at cleaning them with no hair fallout!city-girl-vibe-foaming-cleansing-fash-washAny of you darlings tried something from the Natural Beauty range before?


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