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Lippies I’m Loving At The Moment #3

As a “Lipstick person”  my lippie collection grows monthly with new additions. This month I have such a variety of shades, you can’t even tell if it’s winter or summer. I’m not really somebody that changes makeup looks, especially lipsticks in different seasons as I usually just wear a shade that “speaks” to me on the day.  In my favourite picks for the month of July/August, I have new additions, some golden oldies and lipsticks that I’ve been wearing religiously for the past 2-3 months.City Girl Vibe Lipsticks July-AugustMAC Candy Yum Yum:

I’ve this shade for a really long and some how I just keep forgetting that I have it in my collection. I did a full review on this lippie as well as a spot on dupe for those that’s looking for a more affordable alternative. What I love about this lippie is how versatile it is. I’ve seen so many people with different skintones wear this shade and it looks different on everyone so if you like the look of this shade you should definitely give this cult favourite a swatch.City Girl Vibe MAC Candy Yum Yum Edgars – Design Cosmetics  : Shade – Dark Choc

I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, The Design Cosmetics brand is so underrated. I bought this lipstick for R12.95 at Edgars and I have to say it is by far one of my favourite darker shade lipsticks in my entire collection. I swatched this lippie on my finger on two different places to show you what one swipe looks like and then intensified it on another spot for those that loves WHAM BAM IN YOUR FACE lips like I do. This lipstick has Vitamin E in it which I love as alot of my more expensive lipsticks don’t. This lipstick’s intensity fades over a period of 2 hours but then I’m left with quite a nice deep chocolately look which others would consider as bold. I bought some other makeup goodies from The Design brand so I might do a full face of makeup under R100 if you’re keen. City Girl Vibe Edgars Design CosmeticsBodyography Lip slide (gloss) Shade – It Girl

I’m not a gloss girl like I’ve mentioned on the blog many times before so when a gloss features on the blog, you know its a goody! I received this mini at the Bodyography workshop and I’ve been wearing it on it’s own and over other lippies ever since. One of favourite aspects of this gloss is that it doesn’t feel sticky on my lips. Its a perfect everyday shade and feels just like a lipstick when worn. When this gloss wears off it gives your lips a beautiful rosy stain look which I can get away without reapplying. You can get this gloss from Finnis and Faye City Girl Vibe Bodyography  Liquid LipstickHean Cosmetics: Mattense Lipstick – Shade 405

Oh my beloved Hean! This is my most versatile lippie. I wear it on it’s own and with all my other subtle lipsicks. I have to say though that lipstick is so comfortable on the lips as apposed to all my other matte lipsticks. I did a full review on this lippie so you can take a looksee over here. I bought this lipstick a few months ago at the Eid Festival for only R185 and its a goodie! This lipstick combined with my Bodyography gloss is Kylie Jenner lips on a whole other level. City Girl Vibe Hean Cosmetics Mattense LipstickRevlon: Colorstay Ultimate Suede – It Girl

This lipstck is an oldie way out of the archives but such a gem. It’s extremely moisturising and feels like butter on the lips. I’ve had this lipstick since forever and I can’t even recall the price of this lipstick. I’m not sure if this lipstick is still available but if it is  I will be popping a few in my basket.City Girl Vibe Revlon Colorstay ultimate suedeHave you darlings tried any of these lippies? Which one caught your eye?


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