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{Review} First Impressions: Lux Sheer Twilight Bodywash

Recently the darlings over at Lux South Africa sent over their incredible Lux Sheer Twilight Bodywash that I have been using for the past two weeks. Usually in winter I prefer switching up my body-wash and body lotion to something more “deep” as apposed to my usual floral type scent that I would go for in spring/summer , so this was perfect timing! Now before I get into the review part of this post, Lux has been a family staple since forever… when I say forever I mean waaaay before I became a beauty blogger and discovered the world of body washes, body oils and in shower body moisturisers. With that being said, I knew I was in for a treat. City Girl Vibe x Lux Sheer Twilight BodywashThe Lux Sheer Twilight Bodywash has notes of deep intense Black Orchird that claims to linger on the skin for up to 8 hours. I don’t smell the deep orchard scent for 8 hours but other people that have smelt me complimented me thinking its my body lotion. Usually with such bold fragrances, it tends to irritate my nose but this body wash has such a luxury feel and smell to it that I really can get away with wearing no body lotion.

When using the bodywash all I do is squeeze a tad bit the size of a R5 coin onto my wet loofer, massage it into the loofer to create a lather and then work it all over my body. A little goes a long way with this product but I tend to go two rounds because I love staying fresh all day and to really have that intense Deep Orchard fragrance lingering on me. This fragrance dares women to be bold and beautiful and we can all do with a little bit of an adventure, right? right! To read more about the campaign here.City Girl Vibe x Lux South Africa Sheer TwilightIf you’re looking for a budget friendly body wash that lingers on the skin, moisturisers and is perfect for winter then this is definitely for you!

This bodywash’s recommended retail price is:

Lux Body Wash 200 ml – R24.99

Lux Body Wash 400 ml – R36.99

Lux Body Wash 750 ml – R58.99

It is quite a steal! Also in the past week I’ve used the bodywash to wash my makeup brushes and let me add that it does a terrific job at cleaning it and it leaves the bristles super soft. To wash my makeup sponge, I use a regular bar of Lux soap. Maybe I should do an in depth “how to” post?


2 thoughts on “{Review} First Impressions: Lux Sheer Twilight Bodywash

  1. I have used this exact same Lux product and its really good. It has a strong scent but really beautiful. It lathers so well that a little bit goes a long way. Just like beauty candy love said above, I am also obsessed and it’s really like perfume in a bottle. Thanks for reviewing it and hopefully others girls check it out too. Love your blog by the way and I will visit again!

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