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{Review} Tony Moly: Panda’s Dream Eyepatch

Right off the bat let me start off by apologising for the most unflattering picture you’d ever see of me on the internet down below. Of course we’re practically friends now that you read my blog so who cares, right? Right! That’s my total “deep moisturising hair mask on the hair” “no makeup” “lip conditioner on the lips” picture to demonstrate exactly what I look like when I chill on the couch on a Sunday enjoying my favourite products. Now enough with the long intro but I just had to warn you!
Over the past few months I’ve been seeing such a huge hype on social media,  Instagram in particular on sheet masks. I’ve seen some people selling them for R120 to R150 a sheet which is a bit ridiculous if you ask me because the one I’ll be reviewing retails for half that at Sephora. I got this as a gift from. Desle a while back but for some reason packed away a few goodies in my suitcase and only discovered it a few days ago. Now if you read Desle’s blog, you’d know that she’s a firm believer in Korean cosmetics and now I can see why. These eye patches from Tony Moly called Panda’s Dream Eye Patch is giving me L-I-F-E!
City Girl Vibe Tony Moly Panda's dream eyepatch
When holiday strikes I believe that I’m Wonderwoman and require minimal sleep and end up watching YT videos till the wee hours of the morning resulting in dark circles under the eyes. I was hoping that this mask would eliminate or even reduce that and *drumroll*… it totally did! When I first applied the eyepatches I applied it incorrectly and didn’t flip open the little incision in it so my eyes could be open but I’m glad that I made that mistake because I found better results and maximum usage of my mask that way.
City Girl Vibe Tony Moly Panda's dream eyepatch instructions
I had crazy puffiness on my lids and when I wore the patches for the duration(20 mins) as suggested on the packet, it just deflated!  I have to warn you though, there’s a lot of product on these patches so don’t try opening your eyes when you’re wearing them and they are closed (how I wore the patches) because it WILL BURN! That can actually be a good or a bad thing. Due to the excess product on the patches, I got two uses out of them when I closed the packet correctly and stored it in a cool and dry place. I have no idea if this is recommended but who cares? I might even push for three if its still “wet” enough. Also I love that the patches didn’t have any artificial fragrances to it and was quite soothing on my delicate eye area which is something that every sheet should do/be.
City Girl Vibe Tony Moly Panda's Dream Eyepatch demo
Lots of South African beauties are travelling abroad as of late and if you do decide to pop in at a Sephora (darlings you’d even find them at the airports) do pop one, two or a few of these patches in your basket. It’s totally worth it!  For more sheet recommendation, definitely check out this post that Desle posted today. I swear our brains are in sync today!

3 thoughts on “{Review} Tony Moly: Panda’s Dream Eyepatch

  1. Aaah love this review!!! And I love your uber cool eye patch photo. You look like a panda goddess!! These products are amazing and so affordable. Will definitely send you some more when I get my hands on them again. Xxxx

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