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Easy (No Pins) Turban Tutorial + Everyday Makeup Look : Hean Sculpting Facial Palette

So today on the blog I thought it would be awesome to tell or rather show you guys my almost everyday Turban look in Ramadan. I love switching it up but this style is my most frequently donned one as it is so easy, no pins required and I can do it without a mirror which is a major achievement when doing any turban look. Now one thing that I love about this Turban look is that you can go for a more modest approach or a more modern approach, that is why it is so versatile and not only for us Muslim chicas.

Now with this turban look you can add in the flower clip to give yourself volume in the back but I feel that I don’t really need it as this scarf is quite big and thick as apposed to a more smaller and thinner scarf that I wore to the Bodyography Workshop where I wore one to give me a little bit more volume. Ill give you darlings a step by step picture instruction with a little bit of a description so please excuse the photo heavy post.City Girl Vibe Step 1 Turban Tutorialstep 1: Hold scarf from back to front. The left(your right looking at this picture) side should be shorter than the left hand side.

City Girl Vibe Step 2 Turban TutorialStep 2: Cross the two sides.

City Girl Vibe Step 3 Turban Tutorial Step 3: Twist the two once.

City Girl Vibe Step 4 Turban TutorialStep 4: Twist a second time to secure the scarf on your head. At this point the shorter side should be back on the right hand side.

City Girl Vibe Step 5 Turban TutorialStep 5: Take the shorter piece (on the right hand side) and take it to the back

City Girl Vibe Step 6 Turban TutorialStep 6: Tuck the short piece in the back securely so that it won’t move or come out. EVER.

City Girl Vibe Step 7 Turban TutorialStep 7: Now back at the front view, take the remaining piece and take it to the back.

City Girl Vibe Step 8 Turban TutorialStep 8: Bring it to the front.

City Girl Vibe Step 9 Turban TutorialStep 9: Tuck it in.

City Girl Vibe Step 10 Turban TutorialStep 10: Tuck it in some more.

City Girl Vibe Step 11 Turban TutorialStep 11: That’s it! Tuck in any loose bits and bobs.

As I mentioned above, you can go for a more modern or modest approach so you can completely cover your hair. Turbans in general are such great bad hair days coverups. Agreed?City Girl Vibe Makeup lookCity Girl Vibe Modest Turban Tutorial Look

About This Makeup Look:

As you can tell, I am totally in love with my Hean Sculpting Facial Palette. It makes highlighting and contouring super easy even for beginners and you can easily control the amount of product you apply to desired areas.  This is my go-to everyday natural “no makeup” makeup look that I can achieve in less than 10 minutes. For this particular look I did some contouring on the cheeks, jawline and nose with some highlighting on all the areas that pops. Now of course I don’t need to tell you where to apply the product as on the palette there’s a 100% fail proof illustration on how to achieve the best results. On my lips I’m wearing my beloved Nude lippie from Hean. If you want the 411 on Hean’s products, read my post over here.City Girl Vibe Makeup lookYay or Nay for this tutorial?


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