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The Lipstick Tag

Today on the blog I thought I’d do something different for a change and do a tag seeing that I’m always reviewing a product or discussing a new trend or place I’ve been to. My tag is all about LIPSTCKS. I did a similar one on the blog back in 2014 but obviously alot of things have changed such as new shades in my collection and even my method of storage. If you’d like to read my first lipstick tag post, just click here. My friends and family dubbed me the lipstick snob so I take that role very seriously and decided to put it in a blogpost.City Girl Vibe Lipstick Tag1. What was the first lipstick you owned? 

I remember my first ever lipstick being a Tinkerbell lipstick that my mom bought for my birthday back in the day. I would look for special occasions just to wear that lipstick. Then following that my first “Big girl” lipstick was a nude Revlon hand-me-down that I got from my mom.

2. What is your favourite lipstick brand? 

I guess because majority of my lipsticks in my collection are Maybelline and Rimmel, it would have to be those two but it’s fast changing with Hean Cosmetics on the scene. I don’t believe that you need expensive lipsticks to have great quality lipsticks.

3. What is your most worn lipstick? 

At the moment it’s my Maybelline – Colorsensational (Shade) 365 Plum Passion. It’s the perfect shade for summer and is a great cover up for dry chapped winter lips.City Girl Vibe Maybelline Clicks Special5. What is your favourite finish?

Definitely matte but I prefer different finishes on different days.

6. What was the last lipstick you bought?

A nude lippie from Hean that even trumps my nude Dior lipstick.
City Girl Vibe Mattense Lipstick Shade 405

7. How many lip products do you currently have in your bag? 

A pink lipstick, a lipbalm, a nude lipstick, a deep orchid shade and a statement red lipstick. I love keeping different shades in my handbag so that I can change my makeup look from day to night instantly.

8. What is your favourite red lip colour? 

Without a doubt my Rimmel London lipstick in the shade 170 alarm and it is not even matte! Rimmel London

9. How do you store your lipsticks?
IMG_2653I absolutely stepped up my  lipstick storage game since 2014. I’m all about the acrylic life now! Over the past 2 years my collection has grown and I now use my entire top section and drawers for storing my lip sticks and lip products.

 10. Which lipstick are you currently lusting after?

*Long pause* SHOCK HORROR! Can you believe nothing in particular? I’d actually like to add a deep purple or burgundy liquid lipstick to my collection because I don’t own any.

11. Favourite balm/treatment? 

My trusty old lipice! IMG_1838

12. Best luxury and best drugstore?

Luxury – Dior.

Drugstore – Revlon

13. Best MAC lipstick? 

I love me some Candy Yum Yum. For some reason this lipstick gives me life! I never thought I’d wear such a bright lipstick but it’s definitely a firm favourite.IMG_2750 16. The most disappointing? 

An Avon lipstick that was a fuchsia shade in the booklet but ended up looking pinkish/coralish that I rather used in a DIY back in my novice blogging days(LOL)

17. Liner, yes or no? 

I love me some liner and will be adding a few to my makeup stash soon!

18. Best gloss? 

I am actually not a gloss girl but if I had to choose I would have to say  a few from NYX’s collection.

And that is a round up of my beauty tag! Its open to anybody that wants to participate. Please do tag me if you decide to do it. I’d love to read.


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