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{Review} Hean Cosmetics + Eid Inspired Makeup Look

This year marks 5 years of blogging on this wonderful little corner of mine on the internet. Over the past few weeks I’ve been rethinking of ways to improve alot of things on the blog and right now I’m overflowing with new content for the weeks to come… starting today. Last week I attended the Eid festival at The Lookout in the V&A Waterfront where I met with the awesome people behind the Hean Cosmetics brand. Seeing that it was the Eid festival #TeamCityGirlVibe decided to put together an Eid inspired makeup look and got to play around with makeup we bought at the festival and that the lovely people over at Hean Cosmetics gifted us with. This is going to be a picture heavy post so I suggest you get a notebook to jot down all the goodies that you’re going to want to buy and get comfy!City Girl Vibe x Hean Cosmetics flatlayIf you’re like me with combination skin, you would know that finding makeup products that works for your face is quite a mission. some parts of your face like the T-zone just eats your makeup where other parts like around the nose area seems to be a play ground for foundation to settle and become cakey. Well that’s where my first product comes into play. My makeup artist and Hean Cosmetics enthusiast, Zoor prepped my face with Hean Perfect Makeup Base Primer which is an oil free product. Now what I love about this product is the fact that it feels super smooth on the face and the consistency is definitely something I haven’t felt in a primer before. Seeing that it is an oil free primer, it didn’t make my T-zone oilier and gave that perfect base for my foundation and the makeup to follow.City Girl Vibe Hean Cosmetics Perfect Make up base

One of Zoor’s favourite products in the Hean collection is the Eyebrow 2-1 Eyeshadow. It such a versatile product because he not only filled my unruly brows with it but also created this subtle smokey eye that complimented my brows perfectly. I am not an eyeshadow girl… reason being, I have extremely oily lids and eyeshadow never seems to work on my lids unless I used an eyeshadow primer. Surprisingly this product stayed ALL DAY and I had to to use about 3 wet wipes to clean it over and then a cleanser to wash it off because it just won’t budge! Eyeshadow goals I’d say! On my lids Zoor used Hean Eyebrow 2-1  Eyeshadow 404 Brunette and Hean Eyebrow 2-1 Eyeshadow 402 Coffee to give me a smoldering subtle smokey eye. The texture of the this product applies like butter on the lids and keeps your brows in tact for the duration of the day.City Girl Vibe Hean eyebrow 2 in 1 eyeshadowCity Girl Vibe Hean Cosmetics eye liner

With the Hean Eyebrow and Eyeshadow 2-1 402 Coffee, Zoor filled my brows and made is “sharp enough to cut a b****” (our favourite line when filling brows). City Girl Vibe Hean Cosmetics x Zoor MakeupCity Girl Vibe Hean Cosmetics Brow filling

One of my biggest fears when doing my own makeup would have to be eyeliner. Its either the wing extends too far out or they just don’t look alike. I know it’s nearly impossible to get them to look identical but mine just won’t cooperate… that is where Hean’s nifty little WildCat Pen felt tip liner works wonders as apposed to the more advanced stuff. I have to say though that I have a love hate relationship with this product.

Hate – Its not very pigmented in the sense of dark/black intensity when drawing in your wing so it required quite a few strokes to achieve this look.

Love – As a beginner and someone just dipping their toes into the makeup/eyeliner world, this product is perfection! The precision I receive when using this eyeliner far outweighs gel liner and a brush.City Girl Vibe Hean Wild Cat pen eyeliner

With Hean’s Pro Contour Stick 103 Zoor contoured my nose to give it some definition and I definitely feel that it is so much more easier to contour your nose with a contour stick than powder as you can control the applicator much easier than applying a powder or cream with a brush.  Using Hean’s Luminizer Stick in Champagne, Zoor used it to highlight the bridge of my nose on the inner section of my nose contour as well as my cupids bow and below the end section of my brows. City Girl Vibe Hean Cosmetics Contour sticks

Now coming to my favourite product of the bunch that the lovely Gael from Hean (GlamoreSA) gifted me. This palette got sold out at the Eid Shopping Festival… nd when I say SOLD OUT  I mean it sold like hot cakes and I can absolutely see why! Hean’s Sculpting Facial Palette is my ultimate skinnier face in a makeup palette. It comes with a blusher, highlighter and bronzer. The bronzer was used to contour my outer forehead, cheekbones and jawline. The highlighter was used to highlight my cheekbones, under my eye area, mid forehead and my chin. The blusher was used to give me a natural pink kiss to the cheeks. The consistency of the product in the pan is quite powdery but there’s no fallout and it applies and blends effortlessly. I can already tell when this product hits pan, I’m repurchasing. City Girl Vibe Hean sculpting facial palette and mattense lipstick  Lastly I purchased this lipstick at the Eid Shopping Festival and the shade is definitely something that I would not usually go far but I felt it was time for a change and it would be perfect as an every day shade. I tried on two nude lipsticks and it didn’t match my skin tone until I tried on Hean’s Mattense Lipstick in shade 405. As a lipstick snob I know exactly what I want in a matte lipstick and this was it and more. Firstly it applies like a dream with a cream like texture. It is not as drying as my other matte lipsticks and doesn’t settle in my lips fine lines causing it to chap especially now in winter and Ramadan. Last night I wore this lipstick to dinner (Iftar) and it stayed put right through the meal and the few hours prior. It wore off during eating but looked like a lipstain at the end of the night and it’s one of my favourite things about this lippie.City Girl Vibe Mattense Lipstick Shade 405City Girl Vibe Hean Cosmetics mattense lipstick 405 x Zoor Makeup  I loved how this look turned out and it’s definitely worth recreating this Eid. Next on my Hean list? Their foundation! And #TeamCityGirlVibe is patiently awaiting the release of Hean’s own line of makeup brushes. Brownie points to Hean for being cruelty free. Yay or Nay for the end result?City Girl Vibe Hean Eid Insoied makeup look City Girl Vibe x Hean Eid inspired makeup lookPs: a HUGE Thank You to Warda for the amazing shots and assisting with the picture styling and to Zoor for making my makeup fleek worthy!


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