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{Review} Design Cosmetics: MOTD

Hi darlings! Firstly let me start off by apologising for my absence on the blog for the past two weeks. I’ve been feeling BLEEEH with the flu and also being in and out of bed but not being able to recover properly due to other obligations like varsity. Now if you follow me on Instagram you would have seen me post a picture of my latest purchases when Edagrs had their sale (their Design brand makeup is still on sale). I’m a huge fan of the Design brand, not only because it is fabulous quality but also because it is so affordable. I’m currently using one of their body lotions that will appear in an “empties” post soon … regulars would know if a product appears in an “empties post” then I’m a huge fan.City Girl Vibe Edgars Design PaletteFirstly the foundation is my new favourite thing. I am a die hard BB Cream girl by heart because lets face it, I used to suck at applying foundation. All three products were dirt cheap and by dirt cheap I mean all three products under R100 so I thought why not give it a try. I’ve discovered that the key to receiving a “flawless” finish is to use a moisturiser/primer underneath this foundation or else it settles in the fine lines especially around my nose area. When using a good moisturiser this foundation stick blends into the skin much easier. I used the one from Garnier that I reviewed a couple of weeks back. This foundation stick also appears to be much darker in the tube that what it does on your actual skin. If doesn’t work as a foundation, you can always use it as a concealer or to contour like a friend of mine does. As for coverage, it gives a medium type coverage which is not too bad if you’re not looking for full coverage in a foundation. This foundation sticks lasts the entire day. I have to recommend using a powder such as this Maybelline Powder or else the foundation rubs off your clothes. It also makes your foundation last longer.City Girl Vibe Edgars Design Foundation SwatchNext up is the eyeshadow palette. I have to say that I was most excited to try this product because I am not really a eyeshadow wearer. This type of eyeshadow palette is perfect for a beginner as it is so versatile and one’s makeup can be transformed from day to night by a flick of a bit of shimmer on the lid. Seeing that this palette is a shimmer palette, you can use it as a day time makeup palette as well by not adding too much product or even mixing and matching with nude shades that you already own. As you can see these eye shadows are extremely pigmented so it easy to go overboard with it. On my brush I only dabbed it twice and this was the colour payoff on the brush. Seeing that the palette only retails for R24.95 I found that the longevity of it not too bad but I had to reapply it during the day which is understandable considering the price. When I say reapply I mean only once at lunch time in my 8 to 4 hour day. It’s definitely worth investing in if your a newbie at this makeup thing.City Girl Vibe Edgards Design Palette SwatchI’ve reviewed this product on the blog before but seeing that it was on sale I just had to stock up on my favourite mascara. I have used countless high end and budget mascaras but honestly none compares to this one. It elongates the lashes and your lashes appears fuller. This product is waterproof (even though it rubs off when I rub my eyes) but it is still staple in my makeup collection. City GirlVibe Edgars Design Mascara

With this palette, mascara and foundation (with a few other products like lipstick, blush and brow pencil) my bestie created a simple day time look and this how it turned out. Yay or Nay? Have you used the Design brand exclusively to Edgars before?City Girl Vibe Edgars Design Makeup Look


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    • Hi Sarah, I haven’t used a Design Cosmetics contour stick, the above item is a foundation. If I had to use a contour stick then I would most likely draw a line from my ear – to mid cheek then blend it out with a beauty sponge. You can however use this foundation stick as contour if you use 2 or 3 shades darker than your actual foundation or skin tone.

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