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Fashion Friday: Thigh High Boots

Today I’m back with a fashion friday post that I hope you darlings are going to like and appreciate… Regardless, the fashion fairy is here to deliver the news on where to get your dose of the hottest boot this season, the thigh high boot!

Now obviously because this trend is so popular and will definitely be gracing many shelves in store this aw16, you would have noticed that many of your online influencers are rocking these babies. So you see the boot on their insta -» you comment asking where they bought it -» you never get a response -» you’re now at that point where you know you should be catching flights not feelings -» you unfollow. No no no need for that (or maybe I just made up that scenario in my head?), I made it my duty to find these booties and give you the 411 on where you can shop for them, high end or budget.
City Girl Vibe Thigh High Boots Collection AW16This trend is not for me but I adore it on other people. I love watching their outfit combinations and how they pair it. Another one of favourite aspects of this trend is how you can still wear these boots with your summer outfit in the colder months. How you ask? Perhaps by pairing it with that steaming little mini that you loved wearing in summer and that you’re now sad to be packing away. Last week when I went shopping for my boots that I mentioned and showed in my new in post the other day, I spotted many different variations, textures and fabric choices in the thigh high boot trend so I do believe that if you had your sights set on a pair, you’re going to find the perfect one for you.
City Girl Vibe Blog Celebrities wearing thigh high bootsCity Girl Vibe Celebrities wearing thigh high bootsToday as my celebrity inspiration you might have noticed that I have six celebrities (as opposed) to three because I wanted to show how versatile this trend is and also how easy it is to pair it with items you already have in your wardrobe. I also chose six celebrities today give the low down on how to REALLY rock this trend because I believe that there’s a fine line between stylishly fashion forward and trashy when it comes this trend, no?

Thank you for reading today darlings! Yay or nay for the thigh high boot trend this autumn/winter?


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