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{Review} Garnier Hydra-Adapt, Hydra-Match: Dull and Tired Skin

Over the past few months I’ve been seeing such great releases from Garnier and I am in no way surprised because I always have a Garnier product in my beauty routine regardless of the season. Watch out darlings, great things to come from this brand! I bought the Garnier Hydra Adapt – Hydra Match moisturiser which is aimed at dull and tired skin, sometime last year but reserved it for when the season started changing and my skin became more “difficult to work with”. City Girl Vibe Garnier Hydra Adapt packagingOver the past few weeks I’ve been using this product religiously before going to bed so that it gets time to work its magic and as a primer under my Garnier BB Cream. During the colder months I tend to get dry patches around my mouth, nose and eyebrow area so I have to use a products that can really hydrate it without causing an irritation on my skin. This is when I decided to give this product a go. I purchased it at Clicks for about R64 in hopes of it being just as amazing as my trusty BB Cream.
City Girl Vibe Garnier Hydra Adapt for tired and dull skinAs I mentioned before I have extremely sensitive skin so anything with a “heavy fragrance” irritates it. I was surprised that it didn’t happen with this product which is rich in a more citrus-y, peach-y smell (to me). There are other moisturisers in this range aimed at sensitive skin but I wanted this one for an extra boost of hydration. Now as for the dry patches, it works like a bomb on those areas and it absorbs into the skin in no time leaving it super soft and smooth.

I’ve been using this product for a few weeks and as you can see a little goes a long way. Its gel consistency spreads across your face effortlessly so you don’t have to work the product into your skin as it tends to target the dry spots instantly. If I could advise you, definitely don’t add too much product to your face as it can tend to feel too oily and cause shine in your tzone area. City Girl Vibe Hydra Adapt for dull and tired skin consistencyApplication may obviously vary from person to person but I usually cleanse, put on my hydra adapt, dab a teeny tiny but of Garnier Pure Active Anti-Spot 24H
Moisturiser on a cotton swab and pat it onto my eye are, slap on some Garnier BB cream and set it with some powder. It gives your face such a smooth base for applying BB cream/foundation and it prevents it from looking cakey and dry.
City Girl Vibe  Garnier Hydra Adapt and Hydra MatchI love how it feels on my face but not on my hands after application because it feels somewhat sticky, nothing that a rinse can’t fix right? Right! All in all its definitely worth checking out and next on my list is the moisturiser for dry skin.

Have you tried this range before?


3 thoughts on “{Review} Garnier Hydra-Adapt, Hydra-Match: Dull and Tired Skin

  1. This would help my skin too. I think I must get it. My skin tends to look dry around my mouth and lower cheeks area. Lovely post as always 😘

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