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5 Favourite Dry Shampoo Hacks!

Today would be a typical Fashion Friday post but this week I’ve just decided to take a few days off blogging and enjoy the last few days of my holiday before varsity starts. This post is just oh so relevant right now because Dry Shampoo is like a staple to varsity/college girls especially when the exam period starts and you have no time to maintain the mane!IMG_4840We all love our dry shampoo, I know I do so its obvious that its an essential in my routine. Thanks to Batiste I have my own collection happening in my beauty stash. I’m pretty sure most girls (and some guys) only purchase dry shampoo for the intended purpose but in true beauty blogger fashion, I love experimenting with my products and finding different ways to use it. That is exactly what today’s post is all about. Ill be sharing a few of my absolute favourite uses for dry shampoo instead of the intended “remove excess oil from your roots”.IMG_4841Tame the brows
• Now we all know that little period between too short/thin to wax and too thick/too long to be appropriate when it comes to your brows? Well dry shampoo is such a nifty little product to tame your brows when they become unruly. All I do is lightly fill my brows where the hairs are a bit sparse, give it a light brush(that’s why the brush is a bit brown) then spray a teeny tiny bit of dry shampoo onto the brush and give it another brush. For this little hack I use the “A hint of colour medium and brunette” Batiste Dry Shampoo to match my hair colour as a white film on my brows won’t be too ideal.

Stay Cool
• During summer you obviously tend to sweat a lot so even though I’m a die hard powder/talc girl I don’t like how it makes me so white. One day at campus I decided to spray my neck with the Batiste Paisley dry shampoo which is the first one I’ve ever used and owned and I loved every burst of freshness I felt and it kept my neck dry.IMG_4869Set the T-zone
• The purpose of dry shampoo is to obviously soak up excess oils in one’s hair and I was wondering if it would work the same for my T-zone. I decided to spray a tad bit on my blush brush and lightly dusted it across my t-zone after using my press powder and it worked like a charm! Especially when used with my Maybelline Clear Smooth All In One Powder. I’ve tried it on my face even though I have sensitive skin and my skin didn’t have any allergic reactions on breakouts.

Hold a curl
• For some reason hair spray and I just can’t seem to get along. I don’t know if this is due to my lack of knowledge when it comes to good hair spray brands or if its just one of those products that won’t agree with me. I always feel as if it makes my hair dirty when I attempt to spray it to hold my locks in tact. Ever since cutting my hair in Jan, it only stays fresh for one day and on day two I seem to have a bit of grease. That is when my Batiste Dry Shampoo works best to not only hold the curl but also give it that burst of freshnessIMG_4866.Fresh Sneakers
• Who would have thought that dry shampoo would replace my Kiwi Deo Fresh that I mentioned in my empties post? Well it has! I’ve been living in my sneakers lately and its fun being able to alternate between my dry shampoos. My aim is to keep it fresh and how fitting is the one I’m using on my sneakers? Its the Batiste Cool & Crisp Fresh dry shampoo. It smells super nice and leaves my sneakers and socks smelling fresh for hours.

Can we just all agree that dry shampoo can act as more than just… Well… Dry shampoo? Next time you purchase a product, definitely experiment with it and try to find new fun ways to use it beyond the intended purpose. Are there any additional ways that you could of that I should use my dry shampoo? Let me know darlings and have an awesome weekend!


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