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{Review} Superbalist Bath and Body Vanilla Handwash + Lotion

Last week I got to experience one of my favourite things in the world… Online shopping! I love shopping online because let’s face it, you don’t have to stand in long queues and be on the receiving end of terrible service. This had been my first time shopping on Superbalist and I was quite surprised to see their wide variety of products. Its currently my go to store for sneaker, affordable beauty products and winter clothing recommendations at the moment.City Girl Vibe Superbalist deliveryMy number one thing that I loved about ordering with Superbalist is that they tell you exactly when your order will arrive on your doorstep so you can make provision to be home. The reason why its such a big deal for me is because I’m a student and I’m at campus most days so I can’t pick up my phone while in a class when a courier is calling asking where I am. Number 2: you get notified when your order is received, shipped and delivered. Lastly I’ve been wanting a parka jacket since last year but I just couldn’t find the perfect one for me. I finally spotted one that I mentioned and bought in my post last week but sadly it was sold out. Now Superbalist has this nifty little notification app that you can click that let’s you know when a product is back in stock. When I got the notifying email I immediately added it to my cart along with my two products that Ill be reviewing today and clicked checked out. City Girl Vibe Hand wash and lotionAs I mentioned last week, I’m in full winter prepping mode which means my skincare routine changes along with my winter wardrobe. When I stumbled upon Superbalist’s very own beauty branded products I just had to add it to my basket. What I loved even more is how affordable it is! Can you believe this Vanilla Fragranced hand wash and hand lotion retails for under R100? For both!  How cute is the packaging? LOVE!City Girl Vibe Superbalist hand washCity Girl Vibe Superbalist hand wash 02Now let’s get to the reviewing part of this. I love the scent of this vanilla fragrance duo. Usually with vanilla fragranced products it smells overly sweet and synthetic. This handwash smells really fresh and has floral undertones to it. It doesn’t foam up as much but that’s a good thing in my books because it prevents you from wasting water removing excess foam from your hands. The scent lingers on your hands for an hour or so after you’ve used it and especially so if you use the hand lotion after. While I’ve been using this for a week I decided to wash my makeup brushes with it and its quite effective as I was able to wash out makeup buildup and then I was left with a subtle vanilla scent in my brushes that didn’t irritate my overly sensitive skin.City Girl Vibe superbalist hand lotionCity Girl Vibe Superbalist hand lotion 02Along with my vanilla fragranced hand wash, I popped the vanilla hand lotion into my cart as well. This is by far one of the best hand lotions I’ve used in a while. It coats my hands perfectly and doesn’t leave it feeling greasy at all. The scent doesn’t linger very long but it does tend to linger longer when it used directly after the hand wash. I was bit disappointed that the pump didn’t want to work so I have to unscrew the head when using this product. I have to admit that I use this product on my feet as well and it surpasses my current foot lotion.

I’d definitely recommend checking out the Superbalist beauty range as they sell candles as well. If its anything close to these products then its a winner. As for the prices? What budget girl dreams are made of!


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