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{New In} Winter Prepping

Winter is coming and I’ve been prepping! I always tend to do my winter shopping way later that I should and then I end up paying an arm and a leg for the winter essentials. This year I’m getting a head start and purchasing all the goodies I need before I’m caught in the winter chill. Next month I’m purchasing some winter boots and some fabric so that I can design winter dresses… Yes I’m a dress kinda girl when winter rolls in.

Nonetheless I’m done blabbering so here’s a few things that’s new in my closet, beauty stash and home.
City Girl Vibe Fur Parka1. So we are officially over summer and I guess I’ve accepted that because I’ve already started packing away some of my summer clothes. I bought my fur parka from and I believe its going to be my best investment this winter. Keep an eye on the blog for a full post on this jacket.

2. I found this 100% true fact filled article that had me exclaiming “OMG YES!” to each point. The article is about the 14 types of friends that you have in your 20s and it can be found over here on Cosmopolitan’s website. Its my best read for the week. Yes I tend to read way more in winter because instead of going out shopping, hanging with my favourite people and driving, I love staying in and reading everything from blogs to books to websites and magazines.
City Girl Vibe Ice Box Colors Nail Polish3. In my Amazi goodie bag I received two beautiful shades of nail polishes from Ice Box colors. Its definitely a winter colour. I haven’t had nail polish on my nails in months and I think I might have forgotten how to hold the brush because my nails looks weirdly painted. Anybody want to see a review on these?
City Girl Vibe Mini Pet Floral4. I always complain about my lack of hand and nail creams, I finally decided to open this cute mini pet floral that I got from Desle. Ill be doing a review on it soon.
City Girl Vibe Owl Mug5. Everybody knows I love owls, I still say its my spirit animal. I picked up my new owl mug from Clicks and it’ll be joining my owl collection of mugs. Ill be making use of this baby come winter. I apologise to my friends that’s coming over for any hot beverages because you will be drinking from an owl mug. Sorry not sorry.
City Girl Vibe Hand wash and lotion6. As you know with winter comes extra needed skin TLC and I purchased this hand lotion and hand wash from Superbalist as well. I had to snap this picture before I started using them and let me tell you; its a goody! This range is exclusive to Superbalist and Ill be doing a write up on these ny next week. I’ve been using them for only two days and I already adore this duo.
City Girl Vibe Fondue set7. Lastly m new favoutite thing to experiment with is this fondue set that I picked up on sale at Checkers. I’ve been playing around with it and tried chocolate covered marshmallows (which I won’t be trying again because its too sweet for my liking) but right now the bowl serves as my morning fruit bowl. In winter Ill experiment a little more with it. Also one would think that the little candle beneath won’t melt chocolate… Wrong! You actually have to keep an eye on it or it burns the chocolate when being heated and melted too long.

So that’s my new winter goodies, anything new that I should try?


One thought on “{New In} Winter Prepping

  1. That fondue set is the cutest! candle light picnic at home is the perfect setting for a date night with that fondue set 🙂

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