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{Event} Amazi store launch #ManicureMonday

Today’s Manicure Monday has a bit of a twist to it, there’s always twists and turns on this blog! Anyway… Last week Team City Girl Vibe got invited to the Amazi Nail and Beauty Bar in Maynard Mall to come and experience some of the amazing treatments that they have to offer. Of course we jumped at the opportunity because who doesn’t love some pampering?
City Girl Vibe Amazi Nail and Beauty BarNow before even experiencing some quality pampering and spoils at the nail and beauty bar, I was more intrigued by the story behind the brand. I’m a firm believer in empowering woman and Amazi does just that by only employing women from previously disadvantaged backgrounds. I feel that its such an amazing concept because Amazi in collaboration with SEW (Sorbet Empowering Women) trains these women to become professional nail technicians that not only provide them with the skill they can carry for life but also give them this kind of opportunity that they never would have dreamt of before.
City Girl Vibe Aamzi TeamWe arrived at the store and got greeted and welcomed with the warmest hellos and that’s always such a huge thing to me because let’s face it, we’re always at the receiving end of bad service these days. When I experience this kind of welcoming it always makes me feel “at home” and improves my treatment by a mile.
City Girl Vibe Amazi Icebox Colors NailpolishI loved the atmosphere and the space was gorgeous! While having your mani and pedi, you get the most swoon worthy massage, which is so welcomed especially after a long day at campus.
City Girl Vibe Amazi ManicureUsually when going to nail and beauty bars, I know that I have to expect to pay quite a bit on treatments. My student budget don’t always allow it but its an essential part of my monthly “gift from me to me” treat or else I’d never survive university stress. I was browsing through Amazi’s menu/price list and I was quite surprised or maybe shocked at how affordable their treatments are. At this point I wanted to strangle myself for over paying at previous nail and beauty bars that I used to go to. You can expect to pay:
•R65 for a file, buff and paint.
•R120 for a manicure which consists of a warm soak, exfoliate, shape, shine and paint.
•R130 for a pedicure which consists of warm soak, exfoliate, shape, shine and paint.
•R10 for a hand or foot massage.
•R10 for a hand or foot scrub.
City Girl Vibe Amazi PedicureSee what I mean when I say pampering for the girl on a budget? And that is not even half of the beauty treatments offered at Amazi. Do pop in at browse their menu, you’ll be in for a treat.
City Girl Vibe Amazi Goodie BagAs a cute little send off, we received a lovely goodie bag that we get to use to maintain our mani and pedi. Thank you to the team at Amazi for inviting us to come and experience and enjoy your wonderful new space. I look forward to returning.Connect with Amazi on:

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