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New In ♥ … And I have a question?

Today’s post is a bit of an update / I need advice what’s new in my closet (or should I say what’s new on my clothing rail?) and products I’m currently testing and using. I have so much on my mind regarding my blog and what people want to read and see.

Before jumping into the questions, let me give you a bit of an update on whats been happening in my wardrobe and beauty desk. This is a quick 20 minutes post (which is something I hate doing) but I’m super pressed for time as I have to head out of the door in the next few minutes before my class starts, please excuse the bad image quality! City Girl Vibe New in fashionOver the past few weeks majority of my clothes are either made by me or bought from Jet. Jet has been giving me life lately! From their amazing #JetLoveYourself campaign to the super trendy clothes that they have in store for the fuller figured ladies. In my opinion they are the only store at the moment that has trendy pieces for the curvy ladies and I would know because I spend many hours researching these things online and going in and out of stores. Also I’m big into chunky heels right now and picked up these block heels and denim shirt dress from Jet last week. With a few accessories from Lovisa on sale and my beautiful Pandora watch. city girl vibe new in beauty 02 In my “What I’ve been loving” post two weeks back I mentioned that my face has been misbehaving so I’ve been trying out new products to see which works, At the moment I;m trying out this range from Avon and I might report back at a later stage with some results… if there is any. Another favourite of mine is this fragrance by Britney Spears, it’s probably the only celebrity fragrance that I’ve ever girl vibe new in GHD South AfricaGHD South Africa kindly sent me a sneak peek of their new packaging for their heat protect spray that I will definitely go into more detail in a post next week. Let’s just say it’s a goodie because it made it onto my empties post two weeks ago! City girl vibe new in beautySeeing that I’ve been wearing open toe shoes alot lately, desperately clinging onto the last bit of Cape Town’s summer my feet needs some good loving and I decided to pop this combo by a brand called Wild Rose into my shopping basket. It smells amazing and is super affordable, you can check it out at Clicks.

That’s a wrap on my mini haul! Now to ask you, my readers a question or two…

What would you like to see more of on the blog? Since getting back into blogging last month and being a little more active on Instagram, I’ve received mails from two readers(i love mails from readers btw) asking me to do outfit posts. They, like me, are  pluse size girls looking for outfit tips and how to dress for their size but on a budget. I have no idea how to approach this as I’ve never considered doing outfit posts… E-V-E-R. If I had to do it would probably be an outfit post once in a while featuring what I wear to campus or easy things I make myself.

Any thoughts, tips, advice… shoot it at me!

Also I’m thinking of doing a little segment on the blog on how to sew basic things. Yay or Nay?


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