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What I’ve been loving this February

By the title of this post you might have figured that Ill be raving about all the goodies that I’ve been loving this February. For some reason February is just being so good to me and I am so Thankful for it. I’ve been going through some major adjustments in my educational life and instead of labeling it as a challenge I’d rather say its a different route to reach my destination… CHEESEY I know!

You might have noticed that my blog is so much more active this year and I’ve been receiving such great feedback from readers and brands. I’m glad that I have some free time to blog again because my blog is my happy place after all. February seems to be my month of reflecting. Funny enough all the goodies that Ill be raving about starts with an “F”.

First up:

I’ve never really been a “shoe girl” even though I’m so in touch with the fashion side of life, always reading up on trends and doing some street style spotting. Lately there’s so many swoon worthy shoes in stores and online I added a few to my collection and my favourites would have to be my aztec print pair from Spree that I wore in my Valentines Day post that you can read here, my brown wedges from Fashion Express which I’ve been living in and my Nike sneakers that’ll probably last me the next 10 years because I seldom wear sneakers. As you’ve might have figured I have a love affair with owls so my darling mother brought me this owl printed backpack for my birthday that Ill be wearing so campus and to top it off, my bestie Mansoor brought me this stunning owl chain back from India. Bless people that knows me!
IMG_4359Favourite Person…
I never play favourites with people but you know there’s always that person that makes you feel better whether you’re going through a shit storm or they just there to listen and advise you. Amidst all the craziness in my life right now, its so good speaking to Lady T (let’s not mention names, I hate it when people catch feelings) about everything and having someone’s support other than friends and family is always wonderful! Thank you for all the laughs, kind words and advice!

This time of the year usually wreaks havoc on my face. I’ve had to adjust some of my facial products and also cut out things like blush on my face. My weekend “go to” looks consists of eyeshadow and bold lips. I don’t really like dramatic eyes so I keep my eye makeup subtle and opt for a bold lip. My new favourite lippie is from Avon, I love the packaging and the heart emboss.
I’m so grateful for good friends. Ones that brace the rain with me to take pictures and that is so supportive of everything I do. Here’s to many more years of friendship.
Since February has decided its revenge month on the past two months that’s I’ve been eating so many unnecessary things, I’ve had to cut sugar out of my diet completely because it affects the skin around my mouth badly. These days my favourite goodies to eat are grapes, bitter tea and lots of water.
IMG_4362Those are my top Five February Favourites. Thank you for reading my super cheesy post today!


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