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{DIY} Makeup Remover Cotton Pads. #LazyGirlHack

I always love creating content for the blog but DIY’s hold a special place in this thrifty little heart of mine. I enjoy the art of experimenting with things that I already have in my home and then adjusting it with products that I know suits my overly sensitive skin. We all lead busy lives and sometimes you’re faced with those evenings where you really can’t be bothered with removing makeup so you end up crashing on your bed with no makeup removed…. *Insert SHOCK, HORROR scream*. No judging because I’ve been guilty of this little deed countless times.

Now I’ve used an awesome brand’s wipes before but right now I cannot justify paying R200+ for some wipes when I’m pretty sure there’s other equally amazing brands out there that stocks exactly the same thing. If I had the time and energy to scout them out, I totes would! Which brings me to today’s post where Ill b creating my own makeup removing wipes.

Let’s make a mental note though, this is not a substitute for cleansing, toning and moisturising. Its just a lazy girl’s guide to temporary elimination of instant aging by failing to remove makeup. Once in a while is fine but not ALL-THE-TIME.IMG_4255Let’s go! What I used?
•An After sun or moisturising lotion. This will put some moisture back into your skin and also give your skin some recovery after the day’s hot sun.
•An oil based product. There’s many you could choose from! Like Bio Oil, or Khiel’s Midnight Recovery concentrate or even Lipidol’s range of oils. Choose one that’s compatible with your skin and that you already own. I chose Balm Balm’s Little Miracle Rosehip Serum because its my bestie, it always makes an appearance in my DIY’s and its my skin lifesaver!
•A cleanser. Again, use one that’s compatible with your skin. Right now I’m using one from Avon that is from the men’s range because it works so well with my skin.
•Half a cup of water. This is to hydrate the skin as much as possible and to give the DIY a natural element.
•Some cotton pads (you can get the round ones too).
•A jar. I chose this jar over a mason jar because this will lock in the moisture of the pads and prevent it from going dry.

Step 1 – Add 1 teaspoon of your mosturiser.IMG_4256Step 2 – Then add 2 teaspoons of your oil of choice.IMG_4259
Step 3 – Add your 1 teaspoon of your cleanser.IMG_4260
Step 4 – Mix the 3 products together in your jar.IMG_4261
Step 5 – Pour half of your water into the jar.IMG_4266
Step 6 – Give it a good shake. It should end up looking like a cleansing milk. IMG_4268
Step 7 – Add your cotton pads, push it down with your spoon so that it can absorb the mixture, then add the remaining water, shake again and strain off the water to give you your desired consistency of the wipe.IMG_4269
Annnnnd VOILA! Easy Peasy Lemon Squeezy! You can play around with this DIY and adjust it how you like it.IMG_4270

If you have any new DIY’s that you think I should try or know about, give me a shout! Happy almost weekend darlings. Thanks for reading today.


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