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Monday Magazine: Pantone’s Colour of the Year – Serenity + Rose Quartz

If you were a then regular reader of my blog or if you clicked back in my blog archives to last year, you’d know that my first ever Monday Magazine post was all about Pantone’s Colour of the year 2015; Marsala. If not you can check it out over here. I remember Marsala being such a huge hit on the fashion and beauty scene AW15. It was released at the perfect time of the year here in ZA because we could incorporate the shade into our wardrobe and beauty looks right away. This year’s shade or should I say shades are of no exception.

This year Pantone decided to select two shades as their colour of the year which has never happened before. I didn’t feel like reading up on why (or maybe I read it and forgot) but I do wish they chose one shade only. Nonetheless whatever floats their boat. Now I always feel like Pantone keeps us South African’s in mind when they release the colour of the year because even this year the selected shades named Serenity and Rose Quartz are such perfect summer shades and we get to incorporate it into our summer wardrobe!

So today I’m kicking off with Rose Quartz, its a soft pinkish shade that is described as persuasive yet gentle that conveys compassion and a sense of composure. This shade is definitely very girly with many variations of the shade when the two shades are added together on a colour palette. I’ve been browsing the net/ online stores and I’m surprised to see how fast pantone’s colour of the year made an appearance. The scarf from Zando is what an accessory combination would look like with Rose Quartz and Serenity in one.
City Girl Vibe Pantone Colour of the year 2016 rose quartz
Rose Quartz is definitely the easier colour to pull off in terms of makeup. The looks that you can create are endless. With this shade you can also carry it over to your hair to give you that mermaid hair that you’ve (read, I’ve) always wanted! I also think that creating ombre or water marbling nail art would look so pretty with rose quartz and serenity, no?
City Girl Vibe Rose Quartz Makeup Looks
Now for some celebrity loving, I adore how Carrie Underwood pulled off her Rose Quartz colour outfit. A little bit girly then breaking it with the a more edgy look pairing it with a leather jacket and killer heels.
City Girl Vibe Celebs wearing rose quartz
Moving on to Serenity. Serenity is definitely my favourite one of the two. I feel that its more wearable in terms of shade and there’s so many ways one could pull this colour off. I love that you don’t have to go full on serenity but you can incorporate this shade into your outfit with a stunning printed piece like the off the shoulder dress/top pictured below.
City Girl Vibe Pantone Colour Of the year 2016  serenity
Serenity might be my favourite shade of the two but in terms of makeup and beauty looks, its quite bold. If you’re not into eye catching makeup then incorporating serenity into your beauty routine is definitely not for you.
City Girl Vibe serenity makeup looks
I chose three of my favourite celebrities on the interwebs rocking this shade and I have to say that they nailed it. I can see Serenity being a shade that can be worn in both the warmer seasons and the colder. Or better yet together!
city girl vibe celebreties wearing serenity
So is Pantone’s colour(s) of the year a yay or nay for you? Will you be incorporating it into your wardrobe?


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