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{Stimorol} Infinity – 21 Day Challenge #RefreshingHabit

I’m a huge gum fanatic, and even bigger Stimorol gum fanatic. I’ve been a lover of the brand for as long as I can remember not only because of the amazing quality of the gum but also the wide variety of gum and flavours available. See, I need gum that can change with my mood and Stimorol happens to be just that!IMG_4215So the awesome peeps over at Stimorol decided that its time to spoil little old me but at the same time hit me up with a 21 day challenge. Now if you know me, I don’t like challenges, especially if I know its going to force me to cooperate and stick with it. Now if you know me even better, you would know that I never back down from a challenge so Stimorol had me tick off all of those boxes… Literally.

Step one was for me to write down the habit I will swopping out for a refreshing habit of chewing Stimorol. You guys! This was a no brainer but its also a bad habit that needed to be kicked before I got kicked. Cheesey but true. My habit was… To get rid of my bad road rage and chew on a Stimorol whenever I feel the urge to cuss, hoot at someone for driving 60 in the fast lane, shout at someone for not using their indicators when taking a corner or switching lanes or giving someone the death stare when they’re on their phone will driving.IMG_4232I started my challenge on the 1st of February. And let me add that it was B-R-U-T-A-L! On day one I finished an entire pack of Stimorol infinity. In my defense, I drove all day and it was like the whole of Cape Town’s taxi scene knew I was taking this challenge! I’m working on that road rage people, I’m working on it. (O_o)IMG_4225

The point of this challenge was to not only refresh my mouth with the awesome-ness that is Stimorol Infinity but also to refresh my mind, help me focus and take everything in my stride. Needless to say I now have a stash of Stimorol in my car and handbag! I think this was an amazing little challenge for me to not only adopt the habit of being more focused, more alert, more in the moment and insync version of myself.

My new habit it to chew Stimorol!


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