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{Review} H&M Black Volume Mascara

For the L-O-O-O-O-O-N-G while that I’ve been gone, I’ve really been able to use a lot of my products without the pressure of only using them for review purposes. My “you open it, you finish it” theory that I mentioned in my first ever empties post is going pretty strong and I’ll even have one up next week to let you in the loop on products that’s worth buying and products that’s worth skipping.

Now call me a total noob but I never knew H&M stocked makeup until Desle gifted me this beautiful mascara and then remembering that I bought H&M nail polishes in Dubai. Maybe its my lack of H&M knowledge or maybe just the fact that I wouldn’t let H&M clothing tempt me into breaking my student budget. Nonetheless, the introduction to H&M’s makeup had me snooping around their website checking out the rest of their makeup.
Firstly I’m a sucker for rose gold anything! The packaging of this mascara ticks all the right boxes. The mascara tube itself is metal and its quite tightly sealed which means that there won’t be any air creeping through which is quite a good thing when it comes to mascara. It ensures the longevity of your mascara and prevents it from drying up. Another one of my favourite things about this mascara is how big the wand it. I can easily grip it and the brush itself is quite big compared to your average mascara so it might pose as a bit of a challenge to those with shorter lashes.
Formula: Let’s get down to the nitty gritty stuff. This mascara is not as “wet” as the mascaras I’m used to. I find that it requires a lot of layers. I noticed that it dries instantly which is a good thing in my opinion because I hate having to clean up around my eyes after I’ve already applied eyeshadow. To me this formula feels much more powdery than it does liquid.

Longevity: Now this one is a goody! I haven’t experienced any running or panda eyes since I started using this mascara, even in this crazy Cape Town heat. I’m not somebody that re-applies mascara but I haven’t quite noticed a change in wearability.
Application: The application of this mascara might be the deciding factor for many. To achieve a decent length and fuller lash look, it requires many many many layers. I dip the applicator once and then find that I have to brush on quite a few layers of mascara. There’s a fine line between achieving your desired look and your lashes becoming clumpy with product build up so be careful!
My opinion: If you’re looking for a natural, no makeup, minimalist loook then this mascara is for you. If you’re looking for a lengthy, fuller, dramatic makeup look then this product is not for you. I have been playing around with it a lot and one my best discoveries was using this mascara after I’ve used another one. This one acts as a “setting powder” and prevents panda eyes! I’m not quite sure if H&M in V&A Waterfront stocks cosmetics but if they do, be sure to check it out! I’ve read some mixed reviews on this product but I mainly feel that the opinion differs from user to user, it also depends on what you’re looking for in a mascara.


3 thoughts on “{Review} H&M Black Volume Mascara

  1. Would be great to have one, having kids sometimes make you forget you exist while their dad expects you to be the woman he fell inlove with from the beginning. Im even on a weightloss journey now to get my life and my body back. None of my before pregnancy clothes fit. After 3 months of giving birth I still wear my maternity clothes :p

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