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{Life Lately} Playing Catch Up

Last year has been one of the most hectic years of my educational life. Sadly relationships, blogging, social media … LIFE had to take a back seat. Today I can get back to blogging and I have so much to say and show that I can’t wait to get back into the swing of things.

I can carry on about all the opportunities I’ve missed in this last couple of months but I won’t because there’s just so many things that I can be grateful for and I thought what better way to do so is by getting my head, camera and writing skills back into the blogging game. I am also in the process of re-designing my blog and you might see some changes on the site, by next week everything will be up and running!

Here goes:

Life is better… When you have friends by your side that supports you and pulls you through sh*t storms when you feel like you can’t go on.890e2416-f98a-4421-a107-c7d7132f1f72

I’m so grateful for… The support I’ve received from readers near and far asking me about my blogging hiatus. It means so much knowing that people actually miss my posts. I’m currently working with 3 brands and I can’t wait to share my new content with you.

Last week… I celebrated my birthday. I thought that I’d feel some sense of panic but I’m quite chilled about it.city girl vibe birthday

I’ve realised… That waiting for an online order to arrive at your door step is like torture to one’s soul.

At the moment… I’m loving my henna art that my good friend Warda did. What a talented individual you are.e3375617-fb5d-4788-ba89-52df440131de

Sometimes… I have to remind myself that it’s not worth the jail time.

Right now… I’m loving my short hair. It was quite an adjustment going from my long hair to my current style but it’s worth it. AND even better for this Cape Town summer heat.new hair city girl vibe

Wonderlust Wednesday… To my Trip to the UAE just a year ago. Can you believe it’s been a year?!IMG_20150313_085118

This year… I will focus on new opportunities and toss out the “what ifs”, regret, sulking and negativity.

I believe… “Pay attention to whom your energy increases and decreases around, because that’s the universe giving you a hint of who you should embrace or stray from”.

Thanks you for playing catch up with me. I will be back into regular posting and do check back tomorrow for a brand new post!

Ps: Excuse the bad image quality, i haven’t spent time with my camera at all in the past few months.



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