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{Review} Pond’s – Magic: Freshness Talc

Pond's Talc in Acacia HoneyWho knew Pond’s had goodies other than facial products? I’m a huge fan of Pond’s products especially because their products are so compatible with my overly sensitive skin. Now let me just start off by saying that I haven’t seen this talc in our stores and I got this all the way from Dubai. I don’t like reviewing products that we don’t find in SA but I mainly wanted to see if this talc measured up to my expectations and experience with Pond’s products.

I’m the type of person that wants talc/powder everywhere! I think its a great way to keep you dry but definitely not skipping deodorant. The best part of this Freshness Talc in Acacia Honey is that it complements my underarm and perfume perfectly so there’s no clash of fragrances or a whirlwind of pretty smells that just don’t compliment one another.
Ponds-magic-freshness-talc-acaciahoney (2)
The lasting power of this talc is pretty great. I’ve read some mixed reviews when surfing the net to see read how people actually use talc seeing that I’m always talc happy and end up using it ALMOST all over my body. Most individuals that reviewed it felt that the smell faded within two hours, using it myself I haven’t experienced that. Trying to figure out what the reason was for the short span of staying power on other people, I’ve discovered a few reasons as it why it may not have lasted on them;

♥ Applying it directly after bathing/showering.
♥ Applying it over a heavily fragrance body lotion or body butter.
♥ Applying it over a really moisturising body lotion or body butter and having the body lotion/butter soaking up all the talc.
♥ Applying a really small amount and expecting it to last.
♥ Only putting talc on one spot/part of your body and not distributing it evenly.
This is probably going to be my BFF when the really warm summer-ish months hit. If I could describe the smell of this talc I would say that its a burst of flowers, obviously that description won’t fly so I took a few deep whiffs and it smells pretty close if not identical to Hoity Toity’s Chic Alors perfume body spray which is one of my favourite fragrances of all time.
Open and close twisting cap
I’m an avid top, cap, lid, cover; misplacer. Fine I made that term up but that’s me. I appreciate functional packaging and this twist open and close cap is one of my favourite aspects of this talc. No more losing tops, caps, lids and covers … Until I use another product with all of those.

Having had time to review this product over a few weeks, I can’t really list a few cons because I’ve learnt what works and what doesn’t with this talc.

Pro Tip: for areas like your chest where you want to use a talc and that’s visible, use a big fluffy makeup brush or poof to distribute it evenly and prevent white residue on your body. Also do not inhale any talc powder or use talc powder on your genital areas. Read this article to find out why. 


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